My observations on the Needles incident

Needles, California

I have tried as hard as I can to stay out of this on the blog, but defeated former Needles Councilman Terry Campbell and his drunk cohorts have sent me messages to my email, on the blog, and on Facebook goading me over the arrest on Easter Sunday of David Buckley.  They claimed he was headed for a long prison sentence and worse.

David, who loves to get in the faces of the Needles City Council and Needles City Manager, the latter of which is the former disgraced city manager from Desert Hot Springs (Google him and you will see what I mean), was arrested for a single count of PC 386(b)(1).  According to local papers, whose editors he also likes getting in the faces of for hiding stories and not reporting the news (sound familiar?) printed other allegations that apparently were not true because booking records were never updated to show any other alleged crimes.  David was released without any charges being filed.  I’m not convinced that is the end of it, but we shall see.

Campbell and his old hag cronies have been gloating over David’s arrest.  What they do not realize is that I was on the phone with David when SBSD was there and I spoke to his mother during that time.  His mother was quite lucid, quite normal,and quite rational.  She was upset about what was happening, on Easter Sunday no less, but who wouldn’t be.

Allegedly, it was the Needles captain, who David has also called out several times for corruption (and I think there is plenty on the other blog to support that) who ordered David’s arrest no matter the circumstances.  From what I know, this was to do with the utilities being turned off at the property and David insisting on medical treatment for his mother at Kingman Regional Medical Center.  Both situations had been going on for some time, many months as a matter of fact.  The arrest did not have to take place on Easter Sunday except as a “gotcha.”

What is particularly interesting about this is that David takes his mom with him quite often when he is out and about.  I know she has been to city hall and I believe she has been to city council meetings.  At least one, if not two, city council members are local doctors, which means they are mandated reporters.  If they thought he was abusing her, they had an obligation to report it, which apparently was not done.

As a matter of fact, David’s mom was brought to Needles Community Hospital and then released back to David’s care. David and his mom have a special bond, which I have personally witnessed over the years.  He will fight like hell for his mother.  The AHs in Needles couldn’t get to David any other way, so they went after his mother.  I know how that one goes from personal experience.

Anyway, Terry Campbell’s true colors showed through this incident rather brightly.  And the same goes for some of the others involved in the city of Needles.

I try to stay out of the business of the City of Needles except to give David a forum to voice his concerns.  That will now change.  Clearly, it is a very corrupt, morally bankrupt city.  The city council deserve to go down and the city deserves to go down with it.  I, for one, would be in favor of disincorporation.


3 thoughts on “My observations on the Needles incident

  1. Surely you’re joking to think you’re staying out of the politics. Buckley, Jan Paget, and Ruth Lopez are the Council gadflies. Buckley’s house was red tagged for not paying his utilities and yet he goes after others in town for not paying. He and the others have made it their life mission to intimidate the people who have worked and pay taxes to support their living off the system. Campbell is a veteran and has paid his dues to the country and all those that take advantage of the rights we have. It’s despicable that they go after a veteran and someone who actually pays taxes. I guess we should all live off the system and pay no taxes. Buckley, Jan, or Ruth should run for office so we can all scrutinize their every move. If you do nothing in this life, it’s easy to be the critic. Get out and do something for the community and stop going after the people who actually are creating a great place to live. If you don’t like where you live, I’m sure the County will support you wherever you decide to live.

  2. Buckley will fight like hell to get his mother’s social security and Medicare benefits. Get real. What has Buckley brought to society? He only tries to bring down those that pay the taxes that take care of him. Campbell is a military veteran. Sad that Buckley goes after him.

  3. So now you are coming after me, for suggesting you read the arrest report of your Needles Correspondent?

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