Guest Editorial: Voter fraud in Needles

Needles, California

Dear Sharon

There exists a deep darkness to government in San Bernardino County, deeper than the Supply Mine, darker than a moonless night at Sunflower….
Out of respect for innocent victims and absolute empathy and compassion for families and friends we remain silent as to the local component of our tragic  “split motive”.          God Bless You All.

Unfortunately though events dictate that we must once again engage First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood and the Needles Downtown Business Alliance.

How embarrassing for Supervisor Lovingood to drive secretly to Needles (at least five times ) in a County vehicle to meet exclusively with Arizona resident and NDBA President Janet Jernigan and then have iepolitics receive this tip alleging voter fraud by the NDBÀ President:

Janet Paula Jernigan.      $-$-54

#1706496 (a).          920 W. Broadway   Needles Ca. 92363

Original 4-3-87       Last voted 9-30-14.       Republican

It appears that Janet Jernigan has been illegally voting in Needles since 1999 when she fled  to Arizona after her home was as arsoned in  retaliation for the alleged wrongful cancellation of Farmers Insurance policies held by teachers involved in a highly vitriolic strike at Needles Unified School District, where Janet’s sister is the Executive Secretary…..

How will Janet explain all of this to the nice folks in Santa Fe Park?

We are the product of our decisions and we are known by the company we keep.

False in one thing, false in all things, but claiming to live in your Farmers Insurance Office is just too much.

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