Guest Editorial: The Needles attitude

Needles, California

Dear Laurie

Last year, Needles Chamber of Commerce Board Member Joe Jones (Westside Needles Shell, DQ and Subway) issued the Chamber our marching orders and instructed all the faithful to go out and assault the      “Needles Attitude”

Laurie, as you are very aware from your nearly two decades of service in the fast lane words are everything, and actually activate the Holy Spirit. But this is Needles , Joseph Jones only activated iePolitics. The lurid (and quite insane) nature of the upcoming felonious subject matter requires an attempt to “set the stage”  . . ..

The Needles Attitude

To fully comprehend both the cause and effects of the “Needles Attitude” actually requires subjecting oneself to it, dedicating time and resources to research, and in our case actually serving as an unwilling empirical test of just what happens to “Outsiders” attempting to open a small business in Needles.

In the proverbial “Nutshell” (Needles . . . Nutshell . . .) Needles never recovered from the effects of the great depression. Period. Needles’ unique geographical position as the eastern most bastion of California located on the “Mother Road” Route 66 as well as being a rail town lead to a very low tolerance for any “Outsiders.” One of the deepest living sources on Needles history revealed that in 1941 the ethos in Needles was:

“We don’t take trash in, so we don’t have to take trash out.”

The inference was out in the desert dead. The individual relating this sentiment is a living example of the Needles Attitude and its cause. There are a number of aged conduits, City and School District staff with over thirty years on the job with no plans to retire. This strange effect is caused by the need to cover up a myriad of bad acts including the alleged statutory rape of an entire boys sports team and cover-up, then the rehire of the perpetrator!

When you have a virtual “Hedonistic Hexenkessel” of perversion the paranoia is endemic and has indeed become systemic in every facet of government in Needles. The fact that Cxxxx Sxxxx and Jxxxx Jxxxx are sisters is taboo . . ..

The effects of this attitude are visible for all to see, forty thousand people a day drive thru Needles and wonder as to what happened here. As many are aware, Old Needles was ruled by a small oligopoly of local families lead by the Claypool’s. Many believe that it was all the Claypool’s. This is inaccurate as no one family could truly monopolize a city the size of Needles in its heyday.  Our cities curse, the Needles Downtown Business Alliance, is a direct descendant of this original oligopoly. NDBA defacto President  Jxxxx Jxxxx was an employee of the Claypool’s and while there derived her anticompetitive business concepts of elitism, division and exclusion. (Trust, blacklist and group boycott)

Needles location, far from prying eyes and ears, lead to playing fast and loose with the law and the residency of my dear friend San Bernardino County Sheriff Frank Bland further aggravated the situation, actually enabling many acts purely at the request of connected Needles Elite. Too many of the Geriatric Set in Needles, even today in the Twenty-First Century, the answer to any problem, any problem at all, is:

“Let’s call the Sheriff and have him arrested!”

The current situation only reached this level of stupidity after his passing, Frank would not of tolerated this crap for one minute.

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