Guest Editorial: Thank you from Needles Correspondent

Needles, California


We must extend a huge thank you to an as yet unidentified official of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

John, if this was your doing sir then please accept my families most heartfelt thanks. The decision to drop all of the quite heinous false charges against a media target was absolutely correct.

We assume that SBSD was unaware of the DEA issues lurking in the Drug Room at KRMC, as well as the previous attempts to obstruct inquiry into this very sensitive issue.

The filing of such an overreaching false report against a media source developing a story on DEA violations at KRMC speaks volumes in itself, but to have the SBSD turn exculpatory evidence on all the allegations……..

From my Mother and myself, once again, Thank You!

For KRMC it is a very, very bad day.

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  1. What about Buckley, Havasu Landing is sending smoke signals they want you back. Get in the
    red wagon with your barbecue and get on down Historic RT66 and take your minions with you.

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