Guest Editorial: Red File Road

Needles, California

Dear Laurie

Red Files? Back in the heyday the term used was ”Markers” and the accepted conventional wisdom of the day was that Frank controlled an almost indescribable motley crew of out of control local politicians, and rode herd on this rogues gallery of corruption through the establishment of “Markers”……

…..It was a fine spring day, I was flipping worms off the gas dock at Havasu Landing Resort when I perchance came into contact with a whole boat load of Franks guests, sort of like Johnny Macs guests in Idaho but no free ride in the king unit, and the stories started to flow, they were very nice, cut from different cloth from a bygone era.

Imagine iepolitics Havasu Lake Correspondent waiting on the dock, waiting to ask you all sorts of those damned questions…..

First one gentleman told me about Victor Mine, then another spoke of several buried pieces of armor out behind Patton’s Ridge and then everyone had a good chuckle about how Havasu Lake Road came to be paved by the County Roads Director all the way to Franks Cabin, all 17 Miles of it…….

Laurie, life in the fast lane hardens ones soul. We need to go down to Midland, crack open the big mine and have a real party!

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