Guest Editorial: Poverty rate in Needles

Needles, California

Dear Sharon

                                                 NEEDLES POVERTY

The priority of  Rick Daniels and Ed Paget . . . not!

The big news in Needles this week was the revelation that 51% of Needles Citizens are on Welfare or other Public Assistance.

The divorcement from reality generated by the Needles City Council is absolutely amazing :

                                          DRIVE AROUND NEEDLES AND

This is not our first rodeo, please examine our record . . . then quit this senseless stupidity. The Needles City Council is an embarrassment and poses the largest threat to the health and safety of the Citizens of Needles.

We do not have a Grocery Store in a City of 4,000.

The reality of Ed Paget’s Needles is a Medical Poverty Trap where Drugs,and Alcohol are readily available but meat, milk, eggs and diapers are not.

This strange scenario leaves Dr. Paget in a highly profitable position, the closest analogy being that of a mechanic with a monopoly  at a life long destruction derby.  Ed Paget profits from Needles Misery.

I remember years ago when all the low-income housing was being built around the hospital, we all wondered about the future of Needles . . ..

Who will live there? ….?…Patients for our destruction derby! That’s the ticket to a wholesome, healthy community.

Here is the agenda:  Needles Agenda

An interesting signature line was included with the agenda email.  It reads:

Dale Jones, CMC

City Clerk

City of Needles

760-326-2113 x345


This information is provided to you for your information only.  As you know, discussions of city business among a majority of council members, including via email, are violations of the Brown Act.  The city attorney strongly urges you not to reply to or forward this email with your comments to other members of the council, even if not a majority, as a Brown Act violation may inadvertently occur if other members do the same.  This email is being sent via bcc to avoid inadvertent “reply to all” in conformity with recommendations of the city attorney.

Explain to me how anyone can be in violation of the Brown Act in this way. Seems there is a little micro-managing of council members going on.

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  1. all I have to say is born and raised here in beautiful downtown Needles California and it has destroyed me and family Dr Paget overdosed my father twice who was in full blown renal failure treated billion a full blown junkie Needles needs change and brains

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