Guest Editorial: Needles Utility Meltdown – Red Envelopes evolve into Red Files

Needles, California

Dear Laurie

iepolitics has received another string of news tips…….

The deepest Needles sources, (yes Rick, they are turning on you) have alleged:

“Needles City Councilman Shawn Gudmundson owes the City of Needles $15,000 in arrears utility bills.”

“The proliferation of Red Envelopes is reaching alarming Numbers.”

“There are many  accounts in arrears with some in the four to five thousand dollar range.”

A request for comment from Needles City Manager Rick Daniels and Councilman Shawn Gudmundson went without response.

This latest disclosure of racketeering in Needles City Hall comes on the heels of the xxxx scandal in which xxxx walked into the Needles Chamber of Commerce and tipped iepolitics that xxxxx owes the City of Needles $30,000 in arrears utility bills.

When questioned on the dias regarding xxx’s huge unpaid bill, no Needles City Council Member would refute xxxxx allegation, City Attorney John Pinkney actually confirming the story, recalling that he (Pinkney) had to recuse himself from working on the xxxxx case as xxxxx was a sitting Needles City Council Member, and that BB&K was contracted to handle the matter.

The Shawn Gudmundson episode is just another example of a  Needles City Council Member apparently able to induce City Manager Rick Daniels and the Needles Public Utility Authority to, according to NPUA Board Member Terry Cambell:

                        “Write off bad debt”

This string of revelations is reportedly far from over and is apparently linked to Rick Daniels job performance as Needles City Manager, Shawn Gudmundson being one of Rick Daniels more outspoken supporters.

15 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Needles Utility Meltdown – Red Envelopes evolve into Red Files

  1. There you go again miss-quoting me. The Auditor recommended it! an independent Auditor not affiliated with the City, City Council, nor Utility Board. Your a dumb ass! And, you and your cohort do not listen.

  2. Your Needles source is yet wrong again iePolitics, I advised our City Clerk to release my utility bill as public information. At this coming council meeting on March 22nd I will have copies for distribution to show actual amount do to the Needles Public Utility Authority. I will not give your guest editor the decency of a reply to any of his requests, yes Mr. David Buckley beings he only states what he has made up in his delusional mind. Not once has any information he contributed to iePolitics has been true and accurate.

  3. A few of our ratepayers here in Needles go on payment plans, or bill balancing plans, especially during the summer months with the high Temp’s and Humidity, Air Conditioning runs 24 – 7. We do not have the luxury of opening our windows overnight. Yet the NPUA has the lowest prices per kilowatt hour used in the State of California. Even with the non-payment of Utility Bills, and those unpaid bills do go to a collection agency, just like any other business would do! Accounting principals do allow for a write off of bad debt on an Audited financial statement. Why would you consider carrying 10 year old uncollected debt on your financial statement. This is what David doesn’t understand, that an Independent Auditor recommended to the Utility Board to write off the Bad Debt that has no hope of being collected by the collection agency. Are we Clear! “Crystal” quote from a few good men!

  4. Dear Shawn

    Yet again, what is false?

    So you do owe the money, by your own admission. Do you expect us to believe anything the City of Needles says on any issue?

    Shawn you are the same derelict who at our last Needles Chamber Candidates Forum, saw me approaching with my notebook and screamed out:

    “I have to go to the Bar, Jimmy Lopez
    Has a drink waiting for me!”

    The debt accrued after Slim allegedly terminated you for embezzelement…

    Iepolitics removed you and will do so again. The truth will set Needles free.

    Resign immediatly

  5. What truth, your delusional and have no idea what your talking about. I still have a great friendship with my previous employer. I admit I owe the NPUA a sum of $ 600.00 (six-hundred) dollars and that’s including my current bill. As anyone knows me they know your accusations are false. I have lived here basically my whole life and your remarks will never change the way my fellow residents, friends think of me. So give it a rest.

  6. I have no reason to resign as you have requested . I have lived here basically my entire life and our city’s residents know better of me. Yes I am on a utility payment plan for the sum of $ 600 (six-hundred ) dollars including my current bill. I have nothing to hide and all of your accusations are unfounded. I still have a great friendship with my former employer and my friend of 20 plus years. You act as one should be intimidated by you and your notebooks. I am sorry to inform you it doesn’t work with me. So have a great day and carry on with your lies because our citizens know they are just that.

  7. Shawn

    Yet again, what is false? City Attorney John Pinkney confirmed Jimmy’s debt and now you confirm that you are on a “utility payment plan” paying off a debt!

    Many Needles families were denied any sort of payment plan and told that the City would accept payment in full or not at all.

    Are you alleging that you did not have a very substantial debt “written off” by the City of Needles?

    And Shawn, if you were not very intimidated by my notebook then why did you look like a deer in the headlights and run away yelling about having to go to the bar because ” Jimmy Lopez has a drink waiting for me!”

    You do not possess the character necessary to represent Needles, how can we trust you if you cannot even speak to iepolitics? Shawn you are an idiot, when you saw me approaching, I was wishing to speak to you and produce a favorable article on your candidacy. LOL for hours……..

  8. You ever hear the story of the little boy who cried “wolf”? Well it’s happened here, the audience groans when either of our gadfly’s approaches the podium. But there is the 1st amendment which guarantees free speech. Sad that public officials can not sue for Slander. The State of California code prevents that remedy. Shawn I’m proud to know you, you have done a lot for this community, much more than the self appointed “correspondent”.

  9. Mr. Buckley is the Council gadfly. It should be known that Mr. Buckley was arrested for elder abuse and methamphetamine paraphernalia. His Council rants were sometime inflamed by Ruth Lopez and Jan Paget. Hopefully, they will take note of their source and the nonsense will seize. If I recall, there was a red tag on Buckley’s house that showed he was not paying his utility bills. Don’t believe everything you read.

  10. There’s a rumor going around that your Needles correspondent, David Buckley, has been arrested and charged with elder abuse of his own mother, as well as possession of Meth. You’ve always claimed to be anti-censorship, so I must ask….would you care to comment here about the rumor I’ve mentioned?

    • As of the last time I checked, David had been released from custody with no charges filed and no future court dates. There were no drug charges. He was booked on a single count of elder abuse. It is my understanding that was related to the fact that they were living in a house with utilities cut off. He had cooking facilities set up as well as bringing in water. He tried to make the payment on the utilities but the city (?) Would not accept without a deposit too, which they could not provide until the first. I personally spoke with his mother while the sheriff’s department was there. She was lucid and quite normal. Any report to the contrary is a lie. The living situation has been going on for a long time. Needles residents were quite aware of it. David takes his mom all over including to city hall and even my house. Their love for one another as mother and son is quite obvious. He works his tail off caring for her.

      Shame on you bastards for doing what you’ve done to an elderly woman on Easter. Yes, I will say it. It was retaliation through and through. There will be a special place in hell for those if you gloating over this, that is if they let a bunch if drunks into hell and not worse.

      If you all were so concerned about the care of David’s mother, why didn’t you speak up long ago. I bet many of you are mandated reporters and to look the other way is likely a bigger crime than living in a house with no city utilities.

      David has his faults as we all do. Not caring about his mother is not one of them. You people, on the other hand, are despicable vermin. You are worse than anything David has ever told me about you. Hope you rot in hell.

      BTW, as those who know me well can vouch, you have not shut down my coverage of your shit hole. On the contrary, expect to see it expand exponentially. There are a whole lot of you that belong in prison.

  11. Shame on us? No, Ma’am. Shame on YOU for allowing this man to intentionally misquote others in order to titillate your reading audience – with no regard for the truth. The special place in Hell is being reserved for the likes of you, David Buckley and Ruth Lopez.

  12. Administrator: Why not mention your name if your so proud of your work? I’m guessing because your reputation is as bad as Buckley, Paget, or R.Lopez. Yes, Buckley is out of jail to reap more havoc. Why do you stay in Needles if it’s such a shit hole? I guess because you couldn’t get by with your crazy behavior somewhere else.

  13. Anonymous, if you are in Needles and friendly with his mother, why are you hiding under the “anonymous” label? Why not come forward and stand up for your friend? I don’t understand why you are hiding?

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