Guest Editorial: Needles Fire Committee

Needles Fire

Smoke and Flames were visible for over twenty minutes before the pumper arrived, the arsonists being allegedly caught in the structure by the County and told to leave….

The female suspect allegedly ran up to a neighbors home, grabbed the garden hose and started rinsing off her body.

Both suspects were allegedly detained, interviewed and released, the home was allegedly owned by a former Needles City Official and is the latest in a string of suspicious fires insured by Farmers Agent Janet Jernigan.

The male suspect is currently in a local drug treatment program where he is allegedly asking people if they would like to retain him to arson additional structures in Needles. San Bernardino County Fire has never revealed the cause of this fire.

Dear Sharon

The Needles Fire debacle is heating up with revelations that indicate the Needles Fire Committee was another sham at the behest of San Bernardino County Fire and First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood.

Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s inability to publicly interact with his constituency in the East Mojave has lead him to utilize a local resident, Steve Moffitt, as a sort of ad hoc Needles representative.

Councilman Tom Darcy appointed Steve Moffitt to our Fire Committee to only clog the board, then Steve Moffitt resigned due to the appearance of conflict of interest with Supervisor Robert Lovingood. The City Council failed to reappoint the seat as well as failing to fill all the seats on the board to begin with…….

The Needles Fire Committee ended with only three members in attendance, with two vacant seats left unfilled, and apparently set to recommend to the City Council that the city sign into the Counties proposed Fire District! (SBDO fire had squeezed the City of Needles for a $1Mil increase in our fire contract)

The Needles City Council’s failed reasoning presents a clear and present danger to the safety and wellbeing of the Citizens of Needles.

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