Guest Editorial: Needles Death Star

Needles, California

Dear Laurie

Offensive to our spirit as American Citizens, the Needles Desert Star has surpassed even the San Bernardino County Sun in its efforts at censorship.

         A black hole where stories go to die….

At our 2-23-16 Needles City Council Meeting, iepolitics once again scooped the story, stood up and delivered the goods, a huge revelation of racketeering in Needles City Hall involving much troubled  adulterer xxxxx allegedly being forgiven a $30k utility debt by City Manager Rick Daniels and the Needles Public Utility Administration. The Needles Desert Star censored the story, instead offering: “Reserve to protect electric utility from spikes”.

Former Needles Downtown Business Alliance Vice Chair and current Needles Utility Board Member xxxxxxxx was apparently so shaken by the public revelation of this huge scandal that he actually told Needles resident Ruth Musser-Lopez that it involved:

“An ex employee keeping track of things in her head.”

Needles City Attorney John Pinkney, who along with two Needles Downtown Business Alliance cadre, former City Council Members xxxxxxx and xxxxxx, were instrumental in the recruitment of Rick Daniels for Needles City Manager (with felons for references) after Rick bankrupted the City of Desert Hot Springs. Rick Daniels is also John Pinckney’s largest private client.

And now its time for Rick to earn his $330,000 salary.

xxxxxxx is the wife of xxxxxxx who serves as Chief of Staff at Colorado River Medical Center. Many questions exist as to xxxxxxxx’s true role in the hospital scandal. xxxxxxxxx isn’t talking, nor are any current City of Needles officials, but everyone else is:

Three times the amount on the books remained uncollected in accounts receivable……The hospital was sold for cents on the dollar…..xxxxxxx influenced events……stay tuned for a major iepolitics inquiry.

During the fact check for this article it came to light that the City of Needles has apparently suffered one of Councilman xxxxxx’s ” jerk knee” reactions to the recent uptick in scrutiny and purged all of the Hospital Board files from the City of Needles website. The Hospital Board page was left up but all files deleted,

Although a nice image of xxxxxxx sitting at the Clerks desk is available online. Only in Needles…..

During the development of this sad story of fraud and failure, iepolitics received multiple tips alleging that during the public spectacle  of xxxxx’s collapse, a local businessman connected to Colorado River Medical Center actually loaned xxxxxxx $100,000, xxxxxx is alleged to have ignored this huge conflict and influenced events involving the hospital.

The strange relationship between the Hospital and City was recently further exposed when Needles Mayor xxxxxx was forced to recuse himself from voting on the additional sale of city owned land to the owners of the hospital, then during public comment xxxxx addresses the Needles City Council and relates that the current owners have missed two payments to the city for the initial purchase of the hospital…….LOL….or puke…..

The role of a traditional print newspaper in any small town cannot be overstated, in a worst case scenario such as the City of Needles the threat to both public safety and the local political process posed by absolute government censorship is huge and well documented.

xxxxxx: “We like the Needles Desert Star, it is easy to control.”

iepolitics removed xxxxx from the Needles City Council and then, true to form as corrupt cronies, Dr. xxxxx and the Needles City Council appointed xxxxx to serve on not one but two City Commissions.

xxxxxxxx actually chairs the City of Needles Planning Commission as well as sitting on the Parks and Recreation board, it is the later appointment that legitimately opens to scrutiny and debate xxxxxx’s record in the area of child welfare. Here it comes Linda.

You will not read any of this in the Needles Desert Star.

Stay tuned to iepolitics, and don’t forget to:

         Tune in, turn on and dropout in Needles

8 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Needles Death Star

  1. First off I am Not the Vice Chair of the Needles Downtown Business Alliance. Secondly, after being accused at a council meeting of being in a conspiracy to allow a unpaid Utility bill, due to some nefarious inside dealings, a False charge. I discussed the Utility Boards and NPUA.s policy changes over the last 8 years to tighten up collections of unpaid utility Bills with the accuser. And, as usual you and her got it wrong and took your own delusional perspective. So, keep it up you have already been written off as a kook.

    For the record! what I told your source was this; the City Council, NPUA and Utility Board mebers have no knowledge of who pays and doesn’t pay their Utility Bills. It would be unethical to ask or for City staff to provide that information. Since 2008 changes have been made to tighten up the collection of unpaid Utility bills. A previous office manager would place rate payers in a rears on payment plans. The Utility Board is kept up to date with a spread sheet on how many accounts (no names!) are 30 days, 60 days 90 days and 120 days in a rears. And, I include that the Auditor had the NPUA Utilities write off bad debt. I thought I might enlighten Her, my mistake, it won’t happen again. We’ll just sit in the audience and chuckle.

  2. What’s wrong with banjo music? I love banjo music. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Roy Clark, and many more. 🙂

    • Dear Sharon

      You are as usual correct, Its just gallows humor from our ghost town,
      although the anonymous initial analogy was very accurate. I intended no discredit to any of the many musicians who play the banjo, or any moonshiner seeking to expand to the Needles area.

      The Needles City Offices are located at 817 Third Street. Bring a lot.

      Brad and Megan are back in the hills of ol Kentuk with the still turned up!

  3. “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”
    Albert Einstein

  4. Terry Campbell, on the Dias:

    “President Obama violates Federal Law everyday, why should I fear
    Repercussions for violating the law?”

    What is false? Put up or shut up. Alleging falsehood on iepolitics has been proven to be very productive.

    Terry, please take a sober moment and read the original article then please explain your spin and denial of your role as interlocking director of an illegal trust. Terry Campbell served as Vice President of the Needles Downtown Business Alliance while serving as the Vice Mayor of Needles.

    Janet Jernigan was the President, Terry Campbell was the Vice President and Georgia Bro was the Secretary. Janet’s sister Cindy serves as Executive Secretary at Needles Unified and rehired the Needles Sex Coach after being removed due to the largest string of sex crimes imaginable……….

    Terry do you see how the vehemence of alcohol opens doors ?

    Again Terry, what is false? Here comes the whole story.

    Resign immediatly.

  5. (4) years ago I was nominated and elected and served the last (2) years of my term. (3) years ago I was nominated and elected to a (1) year term as Vice Chair of the Downtown Business Alliance (NDBA) a tax exempt Corporation properly conforming to California corporation laws and formed to improve the business environment here in Needles. I currently serve on the Public Utility Board and was elected to Vice Chair this January. . I have been asked to spearhead the restoration of the Historic Route 66 Wayside Rest stop. That’s it!

    NDBA had nothing to do with hiring the City Manager. Nor have I ever been involved in the School District, let alone their Human Resource Department

    Therefore Einsteins quote still stands! And, when you get right down to it.

    So what service do you provide? besides slandering.

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