Guest Editorial: Needles Citizens Disclaimer:

Needles Fire

    San Bernardino County Fire Contract

                                    Needles Citizens Disclaimer:

                                 How can one be proud of deceit?

Dear Laurie,                                                                      

The development of the San Bernardino County Fire Contract reads like a backwater Machiavellian tragedy of manipulation and deceit.
Here at iepolitics we have zero tolerance for high mach numbers.

The careful staging of this fraud, including the use of absolutely controlled disappearing opposition (pro local control, City of Needles Fire Dept), the complete manipulation of the record and stacking the purported Needles Fire Committee with First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s Staff and endorsees reveals much as to the mindset and tactics of Mayor Ed Paget and the Needles City Council.

But first comes the obvious question of  just what circumstances exist to precipitate the need to stoop to such deceitful behaviours? Exactly what is being suppressed from the Public? And by whom?

Obviously, to all except the vested opposition, the existence of a similar San Bernardino County Fire Contract and ensuing fraud in a neighboring jurisdiction truly matters a great deal……….The scandal at Havasu Lake saw our town vote in a Special Tax only to have our tax dollars  misappropriated out of our Special District, County Fire Staff have alleged that our tax dollars helped fund a command salary in Hesperia…iepolitics is in possession of  FOIA returns from San Bernardino County Fire which omit any reference to our Special Tax being audited for compliance with Prop 218 as such an audit has never occurred. San Bernardino County Fire receives huge donations from a local 501 and then had the audacity to double dip and fraud our town. Business as usual……..

                                      SPECIAL TAX INFORMATION

1-AMOUNT OF SPECIAL TAX.  The amount of the proposed special tax for parcels in Service Zone FP-6 (Havasu Lake), hereafter Service Zone FP-6 is $113.49 per parcel per year with an annual cost of living increase not to exceed 3% as needed, for increased Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

And at the bottom of the page is another sort of disclaimer:

“The Board of Directors of the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District retains the authority otherwise conferred by law to make changes in the boundaries of the proposed service zone, the extent of the services provided and the amount of the special tax ( including the amounts of any individual taxed); provided however, the special tax area shall not be expanded nor any tax increase beyond that specified in this notice without additional proceedings in compliance with all laws. “

The history of the Counties dealings with the adjoining service zone are directly on point to the issue of Fire Protection in Needles and the history of fraud at Havasu Lake is why Needles City Clerk Dale Jones refused to convey correspondence (Havasu Lake FOIA returns)to the Needles City Council or the Needles Fire Committee. At our last City Council meeting no one had ever heard of it, Council Member Louise Evans asking:

                                                      “What is that?”

What it is Louise is the sickest demonstration of small town governance and manipulation by “Outsiders” facilitating outright fraud that we have encountered since the last time iepolitics had to stand up for the Citizens of the East Mojave and destroy First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt and the Havasu Lake Municipal Advisory Council.

The Needles Fire Committee meetings were not public meetings as the history and deportment of some members and witnesses was so rough as to preclude public participation. Once again, if iepolitics is in the house….

Needles City Clerk Dale Jones could not fulfill her duty and convey the file as the facts and figures, methodology and results simply do not add up, in the most humorous way. Iepolitics has in its archive a very curious hand written list from San Bernardino County Fire Command of the true roster of staff at Havasu Lake.

We suggest, without respect for deceit, that the Needles City Council review the file.

P.S. Chief Hartwig was Brads boy and knew it was only a matter of time until Havasu Lake bit him in the ass . . ..

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