Guest Editorial: Needles’ Cannabis Kingdom

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Dear Sharon

                      THANK YOU SHARON

Thirty Medical Marijuana projects in Needles and more on the horizon, and now the City of Needles is worried about running out of electricity……

At our 5-10-16 Needles City Council Meeting it was announced, in a curiously subdued fashion, that there are indeed thirty, ( yes that is the number, you know, right after twenty nine….) Medical Marijuana projects currently underway in the City of Needles.

Needles City Manager Rick Daniels made the happy announcement, then went on to explain that the City of Needles is about to max out its current wholesale electric contract! But not to worry, we may apply for an additional ten megawatts to facilitate ten to twelve additional grows immediately, and there is hope for an additional fifty megawatts in the future!

It was reported that already two of the projects have purchased new $40k and $60k electrical transformers.

Concern was expressed over the sheer number of projects and a possible cap on the market, but Rick assured us that we have a long way to go.

The impact of the sudden development of such a huge local industry is being felt by all, reactionary elements and local politicos are obviously very upset with the sudden dilution of political power, County politicos are hesitant to discuss the Needles Cannabis Industry.

They can be mad all they want to, at Tuesday’s meeting both Rick Daniels and City Attorney John Pinkney had
$$$ signs rolling in their eyes like the reels on a big Cannabis slot machine in the Tribal Casino.

When it was announced that City Attorney John Pinkney had actually drafted a potential voter initiative for the ballot, changing the method Cannabis fees are calculated from ten percent tax to a huge square foot fee, we were all shocked. The City Council rejected that idea.

For any Cannabis entrepreneurs out there, looking for a home, electric rates are paramount. Please consider the City of Needles.

                   ” Needles                   6.5¢  KWHR ”
” San Bernardino.    18.8¢  KWHR “

Ed Paget’s failed “Crown Jewel of the Desert” is quickly evolving into the Cannabis Capitol of our nation…….

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