Guest Editorial: Needles at a Crossroads Safety Culture v Secrecy Cult

Needles, California

“While they themselves seem to lack any motivation to be good, they intensely desire to appear good. Their goodness is all on a level of pretense. It is in effect a lie. The wickedness of the evil is not committed directly, but indirectly as part of the coverup process”.     (P  76  )

“The evil deny the suffering of their pain, the painful awareness of their sin, inadequacy and imperfection, by casting their pain onto others through projection and scapegoating”.

“They themselves may not suffer, but those around them do. The evil cause suffering. The evil create for those under their dominion a miniature sick society”. (P 123-124)

Dear Sharon

The closing of an era, a most unfortunate chapter about to break . . ..

The Nightmare about to break is, without a doubt the most extensive breach of the Public Trust that is frankly, unimaginable to the average American Citizen. The multiple layers of safety measures that were defeated and the number of mandatory reporting positions involved is staggering . . ..

Things are very tense  in Needles as frantic anticipation takes its toll on nerves . . .. At our last Needles City Council Meeting (9-8-15) a woman who identified herself as “Cindy Smith” unexplainably got up, identified herself as the “Superintendent’s Executive Secretary” and warned everyone not to speak ill of Needles Unified School District on Social Media . . . and then declared that she does all the hiring!

God Bless You Sharon

P.S.  Outside the meeting, things were much happier, Linda Kidd approached in front of witness and told me to “Call the FBI”.

A short time later both Linda Kidd and Needles Chamber Representative Don Rupe approached, Don sticking his old decrepit fingers in my face repeatedly, just like a little girl (both hands, index and middle) :

“I will stick my fingers in your face any time I want to! And dont you ever come back to the Chamber!”

iepolitics: The Needles Sex Cult has been proven to be dangerous , we are taking over Don!

Don: “Like hell you are!”

iepolitics: The Needles Sex Cult is dangerous Don, we are taking over!

Don: “Like hell you are!”

You have to love the redundancy . . ..

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  1. I wonder if the administrator of this blog realizes that the links to expand these posts to full text are not working.

  2. No, Administrator does not know. Can you explain further as I can’t find anything not working.

  3. Administrator:

    I have not had any problems either.

    Based on the level of sophistication exhibited by “Observer of the Farce” in some past comments, perhaps he or she does not realize that when you say “Click on title to read post,” that means that they need to click on the title to read the post.

  4. Has anyone noticed the wild accusation that spew forth from the “Needles Correspondent”, but they are never substantiated!! He/She also keep saying, next time I will reveal all, but it never happens! How long are you going to just let this person keep saying the things that fly through his brain without any proof? aren’t you open for slander and other legal issues?

  5. Georgia, please spare us your aged stagnant Spin. After your last demand for proof we repeatedly spoke to both Phil Crouch (NDBA President) and Susan Alexis (NDBA VP) seeking to be put on the NDBA Agenda in an attempt to share our archive and seek some sort of amicable resolution to the vicious behaviour of the NDBA.

    In the City Council ring of our Needles Three Ring Circus we have, since the first of the year vainly attempted to agendise “Downtown Needles Trade issues”, but have been told that we are only allowed a three minute Public Comment, as a matter of fact Dale Jones just sent me a letter reiterating the fact that any public speech by myself will be limited……………..I spent 22months preparing

    The Needles Economy: The iepolitics inquiry

    Complete with over 800 pages of supporting materials including rafts of damning disclosures from City Clerk Dale Jones, numerous FOIA returns from SBDO Co. and then Georgia……There are the pretty pictures.

    And then there are the in house allegations of Racketeering and workplace bullying leveled by a Dept Head against ex-Vice. Mayor Terry Campbell and Council Member Linda Kidd.

    In The case of the Needles Sex Cult, where the County dropped the ball, iepolitics picked it up and drove it to the end zone, nterviewing five mothers, four victims, Needles Unified Superintendent McNeil and Business Manager Debra Downey.

    Georgia, currently we are attempting to source the $10K Standard Envelope allegedly disseminated to the Needles Sex Coach in some sort of “buyout”. We have a Chronology of alleged sex crimes at Needles High School from 2006-2012, plus the original alleged rape across the River.

    We will gladly share our files with you Georgia, just as we told you last time.

    Georgia, we are about to feed you your own vicious statements.

    We are on our schedule not yours.

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