Guest Editorial: Free golf in Needles

Needles, California


                            NEEDLES CITY COUNCIL SUBSIDIZES

Dear Sharon

        “Needles City Council approved reiterating established rates.”

The Needles City Council is the gift that keeps on giving, the story that just won’t stop. To the mainstream readers of iepolitics far removed from the antics in Needles, the appropriate analogy is that of a microcosm of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Please God deliver us from evil……

But to actually vote to continue what Needles City Manager Rick Daniels referred to as the “Death Spiral” at city owned Rivers Edge Golf Course, including 2800 rounds of free golf requiring a $.25 Million subsidy from the City of Needles General Fund opens the door for many questions.

                                            “Let them eat Cake….”

Fifty one percent of Needles is on Welfare and now we are giving away free golf . The motives and reasoning of the Needles City Council are usually highly suspect but this is the icing on Needles cake.

The vote was tied with Mayor Ed Paget serving as the tiebreaker.

Apparently $322,000 was lost due to free rounds of golf, a total of 20,603 rounds being played with only 195 rounds being paid in full.

The Economy of Needles is shattered.  We do not have a grocery store in a city of 4,000 and now each Needles resident paid $65 to subsidize free golf. The cost of operation was $38.51 per round, the average price paid for the extremely few paid rounds was only $25.21.

In no environment other than Ed Paget’s Needles would any business be subsidized after such a tragedy of reason as to comp yourself out of business. Someone literally “gave the farm away”  to cronies of the purported “Needles Elite”. The City of Needles is flat broke by its own admission and now this . . ..

This is going to be an absolutely wonderful election year.

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Free golf in Needles

  1. Buckley, Your right and you are wrong! The City councils in the past 70’s, 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s are the architects of the City owned golf Course. The Course itself is owned by 18 different deed holders. As a result concessions were made by these past councils and labor contracts were negotiated with free rounds Golf. The first bed tax ordinance in Needles was passed to support the Golf Course. So it would be nice if you did research before you spout off. The citizens of Needles wanted that Golf Course and supported it. Government of the people by the people and for the people.
    Just cause you disgruntled, isn’t going to overcome the inertia.
    The previous Council to this current council started to address this issue and reduced the losses at the Golf course to $130,000.00 per year. Still not acceptable! but we headed in the right direction, all options were explored Sale, lease and new management proposals, but politics in Needles squashed some of those options and the fact that the City does not wholly own the Golf Course prevents Sale.

  2. Terry, your figures do not jibe with the figures published by the City of Needles, Your response mentions a $130 k loss at the golf course in the face of a $.27 mil subsidy……Terry you could not be truthful even if you were not impared and this is absolutely the first time anyone has ever mentioned a free golf clause in labor contracts. Terry I would seek advice before further comment. If the City of Needles expects anyone to buy the falsehood of 20,000 rounds of golf……….LOL…………Try $322k loss…..And Terry don’t forget the Needles City Council just extended even more free golf to its proxy 501’s.

    Terry your character and reasoning is so impeached as to discount you from any further involvement in the public sphere in Needles:

    “President Obama violates Federal Law everyday, why should I fear
    repercussions for violating the law ?”

    Terry Campbell

    Terry your response mentions “inertia”……….right down the toilet. Terry your record as Vice Mayor was absolutely shameful and a disgrace to our city. You served as an interlocking director of the Needles Downtown Business Alliance and sponsored anticompetitive policies, secret meetings, secret cocktail parties and voted to actually waive city permitting fees for your illegal trust, and above all you voted to bring Rick Daniels here after bankrupting Desert Hot Springs and with Felons for references.

    Go ahead and go on the record and inform us all as to why my family is disgruntled. We are about to publish the photos………….are you proud of the current state of Needles? and what ideas did you offer before iepolitics removed you? (44.7% voter turnout in a ghost town)

    Inertia……..51% welfare……..Free Golf……..Rick Daniels…..NDBA…………right down the toilet.

    “We can’t run a hospital, we can’t run a golf course, we can’t run anything!”

  3. Uhh, We didn’t file bankruptcy and increased cash reserves from $ 260,000.00 to over $600,000.00 in the 4 years 2010 t0 2014! Current year data you cite is not 2013/2014 data. You know I try to shed light on the truth. I know you do not believe this, but until you sit on a council with the fiduciary responsibilities to have a balanced budget with declining revenue, you have not walked in my shoes.

    There is a saying If you have nothing nice to say about a person ________.
    Again dig a little deeper and get the facts, my advice. No one is out to get you, but some are getting bored with your antics.

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