Guest Editorial: Everyone gets a garden

Medical Marijuana

Dear Sharon

The 1-26-15 Needles City Council Meeting opened again with City Attorney John Pinkney terminally chilling the meeting with a recital of banned speach per a 1995 Needles Ordinance. This has become standard practice, as is the statement that Mayor Ed Paget is the sole arbiter, and removal, prosecution and banishment from any future proceedings will result from speach at the podium of a meeting held under both State of California and United States Constitutions.

The initial public comment section saw San Bernardino Sentinel contributor Ruth Musser Lopez comment on the devastating chilling effect of the constant  recital of banned speech, Ruth also commenting that she had never observed this tactic in govt anywhere before.

iepolitics commented on this patently un-american tactic and also on the unsafe state of Needles for children, iepolitics again delivering the goods directly on target.  The Needles City Council was again served at the dias with unspeakable documents, this week it was the FBI victim notification from the four young boys sodomized at the Needles Skate Park, along with the totally censored and factually misleading piece written by Needles Desert Star Editor Robyn Richards in response to initial coverage by iepolitics. Stay tuned.

But the glory was reserved for our dear friend Sharon….

Iepolitics coverage of the Needles Medical Marijuana Ordinance carried the day, last meeting Sharon had stocked so many old hippies into the Needles Council Chambers that it was standing room only, this week we are told of City plans to open the market to everyone!

                         THANK YOU SHARON

Pressure from iepolitics, followed by coverage in the San Bernardino Sentinel focused both public and party officials on this absolutely huge emerging market and the windfall of revenue for Needles.

Needles is going to be a boomtown due to Sharon………

The strategy was very effective and will be repeated until we clean up Needles City Govt, now we have huge allies.

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