Guest Editorial: City of Needles Medical Marijuana Mess


Dear Sharon

This is the first of a series of three articles on the proposed new Needles Medical Marijuana Ordinance, we put the worst first….

(4) Certification that the applicant, and/or any owner/operators of the cultivation facility have not been convicted of:

a. A homicide

b. Within the proceeding ten (10) years, any serious or violent felony listed in Penal Code Section 1192.7(c) or Section 667.5(c);

C. Within the proceeding ten (10) years, any violation of subdivisions {d)or (e) of Health and Safety Code Section 11357, or Section 11361 and/or Articles 1,3,5,6, or 7 of Chapter 6 of Division 10 of the Health and Safety Code;

d. Within the proceeding five (5) , any felony violation of Health and Safety Code 11358, Section 11359 or Section 11360;

e. Within the proceeding five (5) years, any violation of the Compassionate Use Act, the Medical Marijuana Program Act, or the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, or any other State law or Constitutional provisions regulating Marijuana.

The proposed new Needles Medical Marijuana Ordinance is a direct reflection of the values and failed reasoning of its creators, The City of Needles Planning Commission and Needles City Council.

The City of Needles has huge problems, deeply embedded problems that have developed into a society forbearant of all manor of crimes and sadly this Includes crimes against children.

The maintenance of a truly unsafe environment in contrast to the creation and propagation of a safety culture has been shown to be one of Needles City Halls only talents, the City of Needles has become a magnet for the worst of the worst as evidenced by the February 2014 Human Trafficking arrest by the FBI at the Lilly Hill Apartments due to the serial victimization of multiple boys at the City of Needles Skate Park. Before that it was a weeklong abduction and before that it was the largest teacher sex scandal ever,before that it was the 1999 allegations from the elementary school……

So it came as no surprise when, in contrast with the opposite stance taken by the Adelanto School Board when recently confronted by the same issue, that The Superintendent of Needles Unified stood at the podium and complained that she has “to sit in expulsion hearings every week” and that “the Needles Unified School District bears the brunt of the impact from Medical Marijuana”, and then almost in the same breath declared her support for the new ordinance.

We at iepolitics suggest the following change in the list of lifetime proscribed crimes, similar verbiage being found in the Indian Child Welfare Act:


The City of  Needles has failed horribly and must convey the same level of care for its citizens as found on either of the nearby Indian Reservations.

We also suggest a voter initiative directing all Medical Marijuana revenues not applied to administrative costs to the Needles Unified School District for anti drug and economic education programs.

This is reflective of the views of the Needles Cannabis Industry, every owner or manager and every patient interviewed supports these much needed changes. It should be noted that during the promulgation of the proposed new ordinance the Needles City Govt contacted none of the four collectives currently grandfathered in but instead held exclusive consultations with an Arizona based collective banned by the current Needles Ordinance…….Stay tuned to iepolitics, it gets murky…..

God Bless You Sharon

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: City of Needles Medical Marijuana Mess

  1. I often wonder if awful writers who cannot string two sentences together firmly believe that using such words as “proscribed,” “forbearant” and “promulgation” will make them appear smarter. Rule of thumb: First learn basic grammar and writing structure before feebly attempting to dazzle us with 50-cent words. I highly recommend Strunk & White’s “Elements of Style.” You can paint shit gold, but it’s still shit.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    Your response to an article on issues of public safety is very curious indeed and very illuminative of your mindset.

    Your critique appears to be style over subject matter, even in that you fail to allege inappropriate usage, just the usage st all…….

    Do you wish me to change the title of the proscribed crimes list?

    Should I have used tolerant instead of forbearant?

    Please read the definition of promulgation,

    Out here in the real wild west style would be commenting under your own name, my neighbors here in the East Mojave usually comment in the clear,,this is someone new, I suspect from Prescott Valley.

  3. Sorry, David. First I thought Sharon was writting this and I was wondering what was wrong. Then I noted that it was a guest editorial written by someone else. Your writing is somewhat disjointed, leaving gaps in thought; containing non-sequitors. I will look forward to reading your subsequent posts, however.

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