Guest Editorial: An actual controversy exists . . . and you mailed it to the State . . .

Needles, California

Needles Chamber of Commerce

                                      2013-2014 Board of Directors

President.                        Phil Crouch
04/11-03/14                  Best Western Colorado River Inn

President-Elect             Susan Alexis
04/09-03/15.                Wagon  Wheel Truck Stop

Secretary/Treasurer.   Lisa Ferrel
04/09-3/15.                    River Garden Apartments

04/11-03/14.                 Pam Blake
              PJ travels

04/09-3/15.                    Joe Jones
              Westside Shell

04/11-03/15.                  Lucia Ogle
               Individual – Havasu Lake

04/13-03/16.                  Lyn Parker

04/13-03/16.                  Margot McKee
               Palo Verde College

04/13-03/16.                  Vacant

Appointed.                        Monika Aragon
                Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe

                                        MISSION STATEMENT

The Mission of the Needles Chamber of Commerce is to promote an active, healthy business environment throughout Needles so that its Citizens and all of its business community shall prosper.


> Promote better leadership with the Board of Supervisors and Government at all levels

>Assert leadership in the growth of business

>Maintains genuine working relationships with other community organizations

>Constantly work to find ways to serve the needs of our members

>Aggressively promote tourism and recreation in Needles

>enhance the stature and image of the Chamber by conducting it’s affairs
In a creative, effective and highly principled manner.

P.S.  At a Needles Chamber business meeting last year Board Member Joe Jones gave us all our marching orders and instructed us to go out and assault the “Needles Attitude,” while two additional Chamber Board Members actually met with iepolitics and suggested that in order to better understand the “Needles Mindset,” that the gentle readers of iepolitics  might also enjoy:

                                                     M. Scott Peck

                                               PEOPLE OF THE LIE

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