Guess Editorial: Needles Medical Marijuana Mess – Part Two

Medical Marijuana

Dear Sharon

This is the second of three articles dedicated to the proposed Needles Medical Marijuana Ordinance; the proposed ordinance being up for vote before the Needles City Council at its 1-12-16 meeting.

The Needles City Council Chambers are located at
1111 Bailey Ave Needles Ca, 92363   6:00 pm
All patients and providers are encouraged to attend.

                          Needles City Hall
Bongloads, DeathRockets and a practice of deceit

The background of the proposed Needles Medical Marijuana Ordinance is a troubling tale of sheer incompetence coupled with the ever present hyper-local anticompetitive efforts of the Needles City Council.

And in Needles, when we say groupthink it’s a little different, the staff must have scored some of Needles finest product and everyone been higher than a kite to produce such a flawed ordinance at the behest of Paradise Wellness, an Arizona based collective barred by the new ordinance it sponsored!  I know LOL is out of style but what do you say to this?  Only in Needles……

Needles City Manager Rick Daniels knows the jig is up and is not releasing the 2015 Needles Medical Marijuana Tax documents as these documents might  support the argument put forward by the Needles Cannabis Industry that Paradise Wellness is not currently and has not been in business in Needles and is therefore barred by the new ordinance it sponsored in an attempt to establish a 20,000 sq ft California grow site to support its multiple collectives in Mohave Co Az.

Speaking of our local Cannabis entrepreneurs, I wonder how any member of a regulated industry, especially such a hard fought for one such as Medical Marijuana would feel if the local govt ignored every existing collective and instead held exclusive consultations with an out of state operation that resulted in a process that effectively prohibited two existing collectives grow sites while enabling Paradise Wellness.

If that were not enough to spur feelings of  bad faith, in another shining example of their disrespect for both the law and their constituency, Needles City Manager Rick Daniels, Planning Commission Chair Linda Kidd and Councilman Tom Darcy actually illegally toured Paradise Wellness Arizona grow site and told us all about it at a Needles City Council Meeting. No Az  card no tour, its pretty simple people!

About this time its ” Smoke it if ya got it” but I doubt whatever is in your pipe is as mind numbing as whatever the staff got ahold of…….I know, at several of our collectives one may obtain a very special item marketed as a “DeathRocket”…….

After a while, even here in Needles, certain patterns become highly discernable, in our current SBDO Co. Fire Drama, City Clerk Dale Jones failed to convey correspondence to the City Council and Fire Committee.
In the Medical issue, City Planner Cindy Simeone was tipped by iepolitics as to the concurrent development of the same Medical Marijuana issue in Adelanto and by her own admission researched Adelanto and then failed to brief the Planning Commission or agendize this issue.

The very different results and incredible revenue projected in Adelanto definitely drove the suppression of the issue, the strange situation with Needles Unified Schools support of the ordinance sealed the deal. The Adelanto School Board opposed it while once again in Needles we see something very different indeed.

In a sit down interview last week City Planner Cindy Simeon assured iepolitics that the commission never addressed the Adelanto ordinance which is projected to generate $1.5 mil in fees alone to the City of Adelanto and according to one projection an incredible $7-10 mil to the City from off site sales tax.

The generation of even a fraction of these projected revenues would change Needles forever, the industry responsible would wield incredible local political power. The Marijuana Industry is truly coming of age!

In our next episode we will address additional prohibitive factors involved in the case of Paradise Wellness and also review the recent political history of Needles leading up to this proposed ordinance.

2 thoughts on “Guess Editorial: Needles Medical Marijuana Mess – Part Two

  1. It is all still illegal under federal law. The legalization under state law and the mandare that each local jurisdicrion establish its own regularions creates an incoherency under the law.

    Speaking of incoherency, Sharon, go ahead and run this guy’s third instalment, then dump him and the issue to maintain the integrity of your blog. Medical marijuana may have limited application, but 90% of if is an excuse for recreational drug use and 50% of it is an excuse for the Mexican cartels to move their operations from south of the border to our own neighborhoods. If they already were shipping pot to the states where it is still illegal, why risk border crossings when the idiots in California are giving them cover to grow it here?

  2. Mr. Buckley, flagged around a Document at the Needles City Council Meeting, from the glimpse i had it appears it was a spread sheet of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary 10% tax received by the City of Needles by Month. A Spread sheet created by the Finance Department of the City of Needles who is responsible under the City Charter to collect all taxes due and account for them. I’m not sure that Medical marijuana would help the Needles correspondent(self appointed) but the may be some pharmaceutical out there.

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