Guest Editorial: Legacy issues for Needles.

Needles, California

Dear Laurie,

(I have been informed and believe that iepolitics is an “inside joke”)………
OK…just make sure your laughing when I roll through the Express Lane and recite UFO’s Messiah of love……..

Please review the file from my interview with Ron Perret just after Nocturnal Wonderland……..five years before serial rapist Jimmy Wilson was finally stopped by Theresa Enderle, a Needles Unified School Teacher.

#6  Arrests, Detentions and Litigations

1995, May 25– Internal Affairs Investigation due to an allegation of falsifying information on a Tribal Form.- I was terminated from my position as a Criminal Investigator by the new Chief of Police four days after he assumed his position. (Crit-PD)

1995,May 25– Internal Affairs Investigation due to an allegation that I had omitted previous arrest information, falsified a medical history on a State form four Years prior, I was promptly terminated from my position (Criminal Investigator) by the newly appointed Police Chief on his fourth day on the job. The original reason for my abrupt termination was for,

(1) failure to respond to allegations (2) omitting previous arrest information (3) falsifying a medical history form, and (4) previous felonious conduct.

These allegations were all overturned (the words “and dropped” were written in the space between the lines) by the Director of Administration
For unknown reasons during my grievance  appeal and it was the determination of the Director that I had violated CRIT’s policy of falsifying CRIT Records. I later learned that I had failed to place the letters “NA” or “DNA” under the previous arrest section of a state form, which explicitly denotes that an incomplete or unsigned form cannot be processed, which did not happen in my situation, and was only brought to my attention after four years of dedicated Law Enforcement Service.

1994  Internal Affairs Investigation due to a question concerning the return of a quantity of narcotics returned. I was employed by the Narcotics Task Force at the time (1993) and had drawn an amount of seized non-evidentuary narcotics to use in mini sting and reversal operations.

I and other agents assigned to the Task Force made use of these items. When I returned the remainder of the items back to the Dept’s storage facility the amount was questioned.

All items and amounts were accounted for and the case was closed. I was vindicated of any wrong doing. (La Paz County Narcotics Task Force)

1993 Internal Affairs investigation due to an allegation that I had an affair with a Narcotics Informant. The allegation was made by another drug informant (female) who was found to be falsifying information-the case was unfounded-I was vindicated of any wrongdoing. (LPCNTF)

1986 Internal Affairs Investigation due to an allegation that I had an illicit affair with a fellow (female) Officer with the B.I.A./ This allegation was made by that officer in retaliation for my supervisory actions against her when she resigned from the Dept and was rehired back. This case was deemed unfounded and false-I was vindicated of any wrongdoing.
(Bureau of Indian Affairs)

August 24 1972  Although there was no actual arrest, I was detained by Civilian Authorities in Salt Lake City, Utah for being AWOL ( Absent without Leave) from the Military, no formal charges, Felony or Misdemeanor were brought against me in regards to that detention by either City, County, State or Federal Authorities.

P.S. For our next installment iepolitics will break the biggest story ever to originate in the East Mojave, yes Lynn, its    “Joe’s Chamber of Horrors”

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Legacy issues for Needles.

  1. Lots of allegations. None substantiated. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

  2. This is a copy of a gaming application for another southwest Tribe, the allegations were written by jimmy….

    The unwritten oral history regarding jimmy is much to lurid for publication here on iepolitics. Let’s just say that Jimmy ran a kiddy sex slavery ring on the shore of Lake Havasu about a quarter mile north of Frank Bland’s Cabin.

    Jimmy’s final day in Parker included having a Supervisor walk up on a unit parked mysteriously in the bushes observing jimmy, a bottle of whiskey, an empty pot pipe, a fourteen year old girl without her panties on …….the Supervisor was so shocked he pounded on the unit and said:

    “You Know what you he to do….”

    This same comment applies to members of the Needles City Govt. who have failed so miserably in their most serious duties, those of Public Safety and Child Welfare.

  3. James Mills,

    You’re right: where’s there’s smoke, there is usually fire. SBSD has been gushing plumes of filthy, black smoke for decades. No one has yet put out the many fires within that department.

    I’ll go with but for SBSD, you would have never been hired in law enforcement.

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