For those doubting the situation in Needles . . .

Needles, California

Members of the Needles elite would like us all to believe that there is nothing going on in their little city.  Below is the text of a letter that would suggest otherwise.  Much had to be redacted to protect the identity of one of the victims.  My sources say this is just the beginning of a major sex scandal or several scandals involving at least one teacher from a connected Needles family, hush money, cops, and others being protected by the Needles elite.  They say it has been going on for a very long time.

I use the term “Needles elite” because in their minds they are elite.  They forget it is Needles.  The old bitties come on this blog and try to claim that all is well and that they are being libeled because of the accusations.  Anyone who knows anything about Needles, knows that it is like walking thru a living Stephen King novel.  Here is the part of the letter I can print:

U.S.Department of Justice
District of Arizona
Two Renaissance Square,Suite 200
40 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4408

June 15, 2015

Name Redacted
Address Redacted
Needles , CA 92363

Re:  United States v. Defendant(s)  Wxxx Cxxx Txxxx
Case Number 2015R05269 and Court Docket Number 15-CR-08082

Dear ———————,

The enclosed information is provided by the United States Department of Justice Victim Notification System (VNS). As a victim witness professional, my role is to assist you with information and services during the prosecution of this case. You have been designated to receive notifications on behalf of the following victim(s) identified by law enforcement during the investigation of this case: Victim name redacted,
Victim name redacted.

Charges have been filed against defendant(s) Wxxxx Cxxxx Txxxx. The lead Prosecutor for this case is Rachel Stoddard. The main charge is categorized as Project Safe Childhood.

Victims of all crimes under federal investigation are entitled to services under the Victims Rights and Restitution Act, including notification of court events. For further details, please refer to Title 42 United States Code section 10607 or the brochure posted at HTTPS://WWW.notify.

Now that charges have been filed in federal court, victims of the charges filed are, in addition, entitled to the following rights, according to the Crime Victims Rights Act, Title 18 United States Code section 3771: (1) The right to be reasonably protected from the accused; (2) The right to reasonable, accurate,, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime.or any release or escape of the accused; (3) The right not  be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that the testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding; (4) The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding; (5) The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case; (6) The light to full and timely restitution as provided in law; (7) The Right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay; and (8) The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victims dignity and privacy.

Please understand that these rights apply only to victims of the counts charged in federal court, and thus you may not be able to exercise all of these rights if the crime of which you are a victim was not charged. In any event, we will continue to provide you with notifications and services unless you tell us not to. We will make our best efforts to ensure you are provided the rights and services to which you are entitled. It is important to keep in mind that the defendant(s) are presumed innocent until proven guilty and that presumption requires both the court and our office to take certain steps to ensure that justice is served. While our office cannot act as your attorney or provide you with legal advise, you can seek the advise of an attorney with respect to the rights above or other legal matters.

Additionally, please be aware that most criminal cases are resolved by a plea agreement between the United States Attorneys Office and the defendant. You should also know that it is not unusual for a defendant to seek to negotiate a plea agreement shortly before a trial is scheduled to begin. Plea agreements can be made at any time and as late as the morning of the trial, leaving little or no time to provide notice to you of the date and time of the plea hearing. If the court schedules a plea hearing in this case, we will use our best efforts to notify you of available information as soon as practicable. If you want to inform the prosecutor of your views regarding potential plea agreements, or Amy other aspect of the case, please contact the prosecutor assigned to this case or me.

Four paragraphs redacted dealing with Victim Identification.

Does this letter in and of itself prove there is a major scandal going on up there.  No it doesn’t.  But it does prove that my source isn’t just blowing smoke.  Obviously, there is real smoke, so there is quite possibly real fire.

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