City of Adelanto official approves Cannabis cultivation permits – Updated

Medical Marijuana

The stage is now set for the Adelanto City Council to ask its residents to approve a tax on medical marijuana grow facilities within its jurisdiction, a proposition that will likely set Adelanto on a course to financial recovery.  So far the city has approved 25 cultivation permits. Additional permits may be submitted for review.

When the council finally approved its medical marijuana grow facility ordinance in Dec. 2015, after nearly a year of receiving resident input, fine tuning the language, and waiting on the California Legislature to pass to legislation regulating such facilities, growers were quick to apply for the coveted permits.  Not all growers were approved for a permit however.

The final ordinance includes many safeguards to assure only legitimate operators are permitted. Cultivation facilities are allowed only as indoor facilities, fully enclosed and secured to make them inaccessible to minors.  They cannot be built within 2,500 feet of a school, public playground or park, child care or day care facility, youth center or church.

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