The federal judge’s ruling on the City of Inglewood copyright infringement case

Inglewood Mayor James Butts

I will be interviewing the defendant in this case, who won with his pro bono attorney against the big bad attorneys for the city of Inglewood.  He sent me a link to the judge’s final ruling—the ruling prior to finding the city owed $117,000 in attorney’s fees to the pro bono attorney.  If you get a chance, read the opinion.  It is interesting.  But more than that, this case sounds just like something the legal beagles at San Bernardino County Council would do.

It is so interesting how differently things turn out when they are heard in Federal court than when they are heard in a local superior court, especially suits involving public entities.  Here is the link:  City of Inglewood

I have not told the story of Jeff Wright, Jerry Eaves and Judge Michael Dest in a long time.  I think I need to tell that story again soon.  It is what happens when these arrogant, out-of-control politicians get some power.

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