From an anonymous source: Fontana Police Department

Fontana City Hall

I, along with media around the Southland, received the email below anonymously a few minutes ago. It is the second email I’ve received about the hearing tomorrow.

The email has too much specificity to ignore. It matches up with much of the inquiry I did a couple years ago when I was looking at Fontana Police Department. I suspect there is a lot of credibility to it.

I believe the attorney for the officer is from LDME and Chris Gaspar’s old firm. If so, she will be a power to reckon with. I like the idea they want this out in the public. Shining a light on corruption is never a bad thing. Here is the email:

Recently and allegedly terminated Fontana, CA Police Chief Rodney Jones was subpoenaed to appear at the appeal hearing of a Fontana Police Corporal to take place at an open/public hearing in the Fontana City Council Chambers on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 9:00 AM.

A case which originally was a termination case, overturned on appeal and has now been changed to a 30-Day suspension which is now under appeal. The hearing body will be the Fontana City Council.

The case involves (2) Fontana Police Officer’s who intervened off-duty where a neighbor’s residents were involved in a case of Domestic Violence. The officer’s intervened and detained the involved suspect for awaiting law enforcement.

An internal affair’s investigation was initiated by then Chief Rodney Jones; who based much of his information given to him by Lieutenant Gary Aulis of the Fontana Police Department. Lt. Aulis’s account of information given to him by the involved officer’s differed from that of the officer’s account as to what was said. Based on this, Chief Jones attempted to terminate the officer’s involved.

What will allegedly be revealed at the hearing is that the conversation containing information given to Lieutenant Gary Aulis by the involved officer’s was recorded by one of the officer’s which corroborates the officer’s account of what was said, and calls into question Lt. Aulis’ account as to what was said.

It is alleged former Chief Rodney Jones was attempting to avoid having to appear on the case. A process server served Jones with a subpoena at a Fontana City Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 when he appeared to receive an service award from the city council. Jones allegedly was fired by City Manager Ken Hunt, but was allowed to retire with time served in lieu of termination. Jones received a $200,000.00 severance per his contract.

Jones was allegedly visibly angered upon being served with the subpoena, which was done as the current Rialto, CA. Police Chief Randall DeAnda stood next to Jones. It was believed Jones would have gone into hiding prior to the hearing had he not been served in this manner.

The officer who is the party of tomorrow’s hearing, David Moore, is decorated, award winning African American officer who has been the department’s Employee of the Year among many other awards.

Systemic racism, cronyism, and sexism have long been the standing rule at the Fontana Police Department and many employees see former Chief Jones’ removal as a step in removing some of the last of “The Good Ole’ Boys” from the police administration. In this case, the lasting effects are still present.

Moore allegedly requested a public hearing so the Fontana City Council, and the public could see into the public corruption that is rampant in within police department; namely the Fontana Police Department.

Corporal Moore is represented by Attorney Kasey Castillo of Castillo & Harper APC in Ontario, CA.

The attorney hired by City Manager Ken Hunt to make a case against the officer’s is Paul Coble of Jones & Mayer of Fullerton, CA. This law firm is notorious for helping police department’s throughout California engage in the malicious prosecution of officer’s whom have officer’s police administrators wish to rid themselves of.

Attorney Paul Coble is a retired LAPD captain, and is seen as part of the “Old Guard” that fights to keep in place systemic corruption which enables police department’s to treat their employees as they see fit with impunity.

2 thoughts on “From an anonymous source: Fontana Police Department

  1. Sounds like SEBA, Michael Eageson, and all the other back stabbing self serving tools.

  2. “Systemic racism, cronyism, and sexism have long been the standing rule at the Fontana Police Department and many employees see former Chief Jones’ removal as a step in removing some of the last of “The Good Ole’ Boys” from the police administration.”

    We have that on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department along with a heavy dose of nepotism, power clicks and the ever popular “God Ole Boy” network. It’s amazing how some people get promoted after they are arrested for drunk driving not once but several times and others get promoted after questionable shootings resulting in death that cost the county millions of dollars in settlement costs.

    Then you have SEBA that is in bed with the Sheriff’s executive management. What we need are retired investigators that will work for SEBA members and have their allegiance with SEBA members. Get rid of Michael Eagleson as he was never a deputy sheriff.

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