Local editor attacks Adelanto officials, mayor fires back

Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr

Early last month, Daily Press editor, Steve Hunt, penned an opinion piece titled “When drugs cloud your vision.”  The gist of the piece was that city of Adelanto officials have gone for the easy money by allowing medical marijuana cultivation facilities within city limits.

“What the city is really doing is looking for a quick buck. And what’s a quicker buck than the drug trade? But that’s precisely why the city shouldn’t have allowed cultivators in Adelanto. Isn’t that just telling kids to go for the quick buck and who cares if that buck comes from the drug trade,” wrote Hunt.

His piece fired up Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr, who penned “Adelanto’s Pot—of Gold!”  The mayor explains the city’s rationale behind the decision to allow cannabis grow facilities.  Unfortunately, Hunt declined to publish the mayor’s piece.

To read the entire article, click here.

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