Employee accuses Councilman Camargo of creating hostile work environment

Ed Camargo

An employee with the city of Adelanto is accusing Councilman Ed Camargo of creating a hostile work environment.  In her email sent July 9, 2015, and obtained by Examiner.com through a California Public Records Act request, Lilly Salcido discusses the issues of working out of class due to long-term vacancies and the treatment she received from Camargo in response to her request for salary commensurate with her duties.

Salcido works in the city manager’s office as a management analyst but since 2013 has taken on extra duties due to the departure of the city’s human resources director.  Salcido’s base salary is $59,368 while the HR director’s salary is $97,850.  The city limited Salcido’s out-of-class pay to an extra $1.43 an hour, which translates to $2,974.40 per year.

Salcido says she continued to take on the extra duties for 30 months because “I love my job. I enjoy my job and what I do and I have such a great desire to see Adelanto become a better City.” She says she discussed her concerns with former City Manager Jim Hart and Mayor Rich Kerr (upon Hart’s departure) among others in an effort to create a new position for her in light of the additional responsibilities.

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