City of Adelanto officials take legal action against Mavericks

Adelanto City Hall

City of Adelanto officials filed an unlawful detainer against the High Desert Mavericks on March 17, 2016.  An unlawful detainer is the second step in the eviction process.  It is a legal complaint that is filed with the court showing cause to proceed with the eviction process and requesting judgment for possession of the premises, in this case the New Adelanto Stadium also known as Mavericks Stadium.

According to a press release issued by the city, the action was taken to alleviate the financial strain the relationship with the Mavericks is causing for the city.  City officials say the team is not living up to its contractual obligations.

“The Mavericks have given no accurate accounting of revenues owed to the City which they have generated from Facility Parking Lots and Facility Conference Room.  This was supposed to be a self-sufficient enterprise.  However, the burden continues to fall on the Adelanto taxpayers—not the High Desert residents,” said Mayor Rich Kerr.

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