An interview with Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr

Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr

Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr is finishing up his first full year in office.  He took some time to chat about what sees for Adelanto’s future, the successes so far, and his frustrations in trying to make things happen.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.   That saying best sums up Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr’s approach to improving life for the city’s residents.

The Marine turned mayor says the only way to defeat a Marine is . . ..  Well you know what they say.  And he has no intention of being defeated any time soon.  He has big plans for his small city and he wants to see those plans come to fruition, not only for the sake of his children and especially his eight grandchildren, but for all of the young people who call Adelanto home.

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One thought on “An interview with Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr

  1. Ha! What’s with this “once a Marine, always a Marine” crap? Disgraced county supervisor Neil Derry played that Semper Fi BS and look what happened to him.

    Adelanto has got to be one of the most inept and most likely corrupt cities in county, but they’re so far in the boonies no one wants to go out there and start turning over rocks. Probably a snake under them all.

    What do you get when you put all the heads of Adelanto Council together? A combined IQ of 50.

    Good luck, Kerr!

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