An interview with Adelanto Councilman John Woodard Jr.

John Woodard

When you ask City of Adelanto Councilman John “Bug” Woodard, Jr. about his city, it is clear his vision for change is a bit more refined.   Balancing the budget, staying solvent, and cleaning up the city are goals he shares with the other councilmen.  But for Woodard, bringing culture and industry to Adelanto are of upmost importance.

Councilman Woodard says he decided to run for the Adelanto City Council “because my city was failing.”  When asked if being a councilman was what he thought it would be, he says the job is much bigger and more time consuming than he expected but is quick to add that he is up to the challenge.

Woodard says the most frustrating thing so far in his first year in office is that no matter how hard the council tries to make positive changes, there are always those naysayers who are not satisfied.  He says, though, that as a council they have made progress.

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3 thoughts on “An interview with Adelanto Councilman John Woodard Jr.

  1. Dude looks like he got lost on his way to Woodstock. Only in Adelanto would a guy like this get elected. And what kind of grown man calls himself “Bug” and has the newspaper refer to him as such? Adelanto has sold its soul to prisons and pot farms. Nice legacy gentlemen.

    • I suspect he would consider the Woodstock comment to be a compliment. I’ve been around enough years to know Adelanto is far from the only one. I find it refreshing. I get tired of the suits that promise us the world and then lie, cheat, and steal their way through their terms of office.

      I’ve interviewed three of the five councilmen so far. I hope to catch Charley Glasper this month. I know Ed Camargo wants no part of what I am doing so he will not be interviewed, which is fine. He is the odd man out there anyway with a lot of 4-1 votes.

      I can tell you that the three councilmen that I’ve interviewed so far are real. By that I mean they are not on the take and they genuinely are trying to clean up the city.

      I have to admit the latest prison deal made me cringe but I do understand the previous council left them on the verge of bankruptcy and/or disincorporation so they had to do what they had to do to get some cash into the city.

      As to the “pot farms,” personally I think they are an excellent idea. Will they be able to pull it off in the right way? I don’t know but I hope so. I don’t believe the long-term future is in medical cannabis. The long-term future is in industrial hemp. Google it. It will be a major product if Feds will just go along with it. Industrial hemp is used in all sorts of products including paper, clothing and building supplies. Google “hempcrete.”

      People are making fun of Adelanto for approving 25 permits. I’m willing to bet some years down the road that will prove to be a very wise decision if the city’s residents continue to be behind the current city council and stay the course.

      Adelanto has its problems for sure, and one of its biggest problems is the local press constantly looking only for the negative. I’ve lived here in the HD for 41.5 years. I remember the old Adelanto. I remember the old guard such as Pat Chamberlain and the five-star general chief of police who I believe went to prison. Things have changed in the past year. It is not the old Adelanto any longer. Give it some time.

      BTW, he is listed on the city’s website also as “Bug.”

  2. Adelanto has always been the outlier of the desert, the bastard child so to speak. It was poorly run and corrupt. I worry that the current council is making bad decisions that will affect the city for years to come and will be difficult to overcome. Prisons tend to bring prison families to the area so they can visit their loved one in prison. Not exactly the type of taxpayers the city needs. Regardless of our views on marijuana (medical marijuana is a sham, either legalize it fully or not) my bet is that there will be some violent crimes associated with these places. They will get robbed for certain by armed thugs, you can believe that. Someone will likely get hurt (remember the security guard shot dead at a San Bernardino pot shop). Since there will be no dispensaries in Adelanto the MJ will need to be shipped out. I’m thinking the transport trucks will get robbed as well.

    If it takes prisons and pot to save the city, they should have dis-incorporated and went back to being a county area. Citizens would not have noticed a difference in service anyway.

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