Adelanto Stadium dispute back in the hands of an arbitrator

Adelanto City Hall

Tonight, Adelanto City Council members will be given an update by their legal counsel regarding the current status of the city’s dispute with the owners of the Mavericks baseball team over use and payment for the Stater Bros. Stadium in Adelanto.  The dispute has been ongoing for nearly a year but took a new turn once the city changed its legal counsel.  The update is scheduled for closed session only and what is discussed is not expected to be made public at this time.

With new legal counsel Curtis Wright guiding them, Adelanto City leaders are heading back to arbitration in the dispute.  City leaders contend that the agreement made by the previous council, which included $1-per-year rental agreement, could be considered a gift of public funds.

The city and the team have been at odds since last year when current council members discovered that the city had spent almost $1.8 million maintaining the facility, including almost $500,000 for city staffing charges, another $229,688 for utilities, and $157,500 for cleaning expenses.  Mayor Richard Kerr says the city had to take the action to protect the residents from these escalating costs.

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One thought on “Adelanto Stadium dispute back in the hands of an arbitrator

  1. OK. If there was an illegal gift of public funds, the liability is to the council that granted it. The baseball team is only liable if they knowingly corrupted the process. The council members who approved the agreement can rely on intanigble benefits to the city to justify the cost. The new council can question all of this, but they run the risk of violating an honestly negotiated contract.

    Personally, I am against any pubic subsidy of any sporting event. For these reasons.

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