Adelanto Planning Commissioner Jessie Flores takes his appointment seriously

Jessie Flores

We occasionally read about planning commission decisions in our local newspapers but most residents have never attended a planning commission meeting and really don’t know all they do to shape our communities.  Planning commissions are in place at both the county and municipal level.

Jessie Flores, one of Adelanto’s newest planning commissioners, is an economic development consultant.  For over 12 years, Jessie served as a senior field representative for elected officials where he engaged directly with the community and government elected officials to resolve constituent issues and promote economic development.

Flores has an understanding of local, county, state, federal, and global matters and has assisted in facilitating the processing of projects in industries such as renewable energy, mining, commercial, industrial, residential, military, transportation, and public utilities. He also engaged with Native American tribes to promote economic development on tribal lands.

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