Adelanto mayor pro tem says city is finally headed in the right direction

Jermaine Wright Sr.

If one asks City of Adelanto Mayor pro tem Jermaine Wright, Sr., what his biggest frustration as a city councilman has been, he is not shy about talking about his first two years on the council when he was often the lone wolf trying to introduce new concepts.  That all changed a year ago when a new mayor and two new councilmen were voted into office, giving Wright the majority he needed to help turn the city around.

Wright says he ran for office in 2012 because he was tired of seeing how dirty the city was.  “I really felt I could lend a hand in changing how the city looked.”  He says that all one had to do was look around and they could see that city funds were going to select areas while code enforcement and streets were being neglected.

“I want our residents to be able to live in comfortable, safe housing.  They shouldn’t have to worry if it is safe for their kids to go outside to play.  They shouldn’t have to worry about illegal dumping.  And they shouldn’t have to worry whether the city is financially stable.”

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