Adelanto Grand Prix was a great success

Adelanto Grand Prix

If there is one thing the city of Adelanto knows how to do, it is put on a great motorcycle race.  The Adelanto Grand Prix was a great in every way.  There was great food.  There was great music.  There was great shopping.  There was great weather.

The pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad were delicious. The fired-grilled pizza looked even better than aroma from the wafting smoke.  The tacos, hamburgers, and hot dogs would make any mouth water.  Of course there were also midway-type favorites such as candy cotton, funnel cakes, and deep-fried everything.

While eating, spectators could enjoy the sounds of Rocfusion, Southern Spirit, or any of the other great bands that played during the three-day event.  And there was RC Car Races for those who enjoy mini-excitement.

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