Adelanto City Council approves medical cannabis grow ordinance

Medical Marijuana

On a 4-1 vote, tonight the Adelanto City Council approved an ordinance to allow medical marijuana grow facilities to operate within city limits. The law will be in effect in 30 days.

Approval of the ordinance took place only after numerous public hearings and changes.  The city council worked diligently to balance the health and safety of its residents with the financial windfall the grow facilities represent for the cash-strapped city.

Initially, the ordinance was expected to be approved several months ago.  But once it became obvious that Governor Jerry Brown had reached a compromise with the state legislature over medical marijuana regulation, city leaders postponed the vote until the three bills that comprise that compromise were signed into law by the governor and could be reviewed by legal counsel to assure the city would be in compliance with the new state laws.

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6 thoughts on “Adelanto City Council approves medical cannabis grow ordinance

  1. Imagine that??? Used to be that dope dealers were criminals. Dope dealers have been supplanted by governmental tax agents. Don’t get me wrong. I am a libertarian. People ought to be able to do what they want in the sweet land of liberty as long as they don’t harm others. If government is truly benevolent, it ought to stay the hell out of marijuana growing and personal use. But since there’s tax revenue at stake, it has become a principal in what was once a crime.

    Government does not protect us. It is more concerned with making money. That’s the essence of the lottery and cigarette tax.

    • And if the gov & FDA has their way, vape devices, which have helped thousands quit the “stinkies” (I should know, I’m one of them), will either be taxed or completed eliminated. Our electeds are losing BIG tax dollars from those of us who no longer buy the “coffin nails.”

  2. Used to be that dope dealers were criminals. Now they are caught in legal incoherency. Growing pot is legal under state law, 100% illegal under federal law and 100% illegal under County code. Within the incoherency, the cartels have taken residence in the neighborhood (or are you going to trace every once and ever dollar, according to federal demands?)

    It used to be that people fired guns at will on our rural residential properties. But the feds demand that firearms on marijuana properties is actionable. The Sherifff agrees.

    A neighbor came walking up last week. Through his limited English and my more limited Spanish, I surmised that he was the subject of the law enforcement raid I had been told happened in our neighborhood. He told me he had been told by the Sheriff Department that his marijuana grow was legal (not true), but that “somebody” was firing a gun on his property and so they came and arrested him.

    They wanted him to plead to a three year term, but he would not. So after two months in jail, he was out, and showed me his ankle bracelet. During his time in jail, somebody had come onto his property and stolen four vehicles and the equipment in them.

    He told me that he had worked a lifetime to earn money and regretted ever dealing with the people who promised him great profit if they could use his property to grow marijuna.

  3. The sweet land of liberty would again become reality were we, via the initiative process, enact jury nullification. That way, jurors of our peers could deem government’s liberty-denying laws as BS. But jury nullification would usurp government’s power and its ability to control us.

    Then we could strip judges and prosecutors of immunity. Rationale for immunity is spurious. It’s a con designed to protect the inept from stupid decisions.

    Greater than 50% of laws do not protect us. Laws are the primary mechanism used by government to control us. And they are used as de facto taxation.

    We’ve stopped being governed in 1917. We are ruled.

  4. Jury nulification does exist. Judges and prosecutors are only immune in lawfull commission of their duties. And there they can be overrulled. All laws in all of history have denied liberty. All laws by definition control. Do you want the liberty to kill anyone you are angry with? Do you want the liberty to rape any virgin you want? We can debate aby lesser infraction, but that is already what is going on in our system of law.

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