Yermo Community Services District

Bob Smith

This is one of two stories I’ve been trying to remember to post for a few days.  It comes from the Daily Press.

Bob Smith, who has been a subject of this blog for the past nine years, is resigning from the Yermo Community Services District.  In part, it is due to the recall effort, which I believe was started by ET Snell.  At least ET talked about it at a board of supervisors meeting I watched.

I’m sure a big factor is also the lawsuits pending against the district.  I can happily say I played a role in one of those in that two different attorneys read about Smith on this blog and contacted me, both with different horror stories.  I was able to put those two attorneys together and a lawsuit was filed by one of them.  The other attorney also won some sort of case in Barstow involving Smith.

As has been proven in more ways than one already tonight, eventually evil catches up with those who use their positions to hurt others.

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