West Valley Water District agenda

West Valley Water District

It looks like there is some politicking going on at the West Valley Water District. There are two interesting items on the agenda for the West Valley Water District for tomorrow.  They are items No. 7 and 8.

In each instance the board is going to discuss referring the item to the California Attorney General and appointing special council.  The first item has to do with whether or not their former general manager, Anthony Araiza, who retired on June 10, 2015, is violating Government Code section 87406.3.  That section prohibits him from being a paid consultant by attempting to influence water district policy for one year after his departure.

The second situation involves Alan Dyer, a current member of the board of directors who sold his home within the district and moved to Redlands. He claims he is renting a room within the district and spends sufficient time in said room to qualify him to keep his seat.  Boy, that sounds like what a certain former councilwoman told me about her and her councilman boyfriend (from two different cities) who were not “living together” but just having “sleepovers.”  Yeah, right.

If you are interested in reviewing the agenda material, it can be found here.

The politicians in San Bernardino County, meaning the politicians at all levels of government, claim that the county’s governments are no longer corrupt, proving themselves to be liars on a regular basis.

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