Valles back to work at VVWRA

Angela Valles, Rick Roelle and Mr. Dingle

Angela Valles is back to work at the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) with a new title.  Four months after being placed on paid administrative leave, Valles returned to VVWRA as the Director of Finance earlier this week.

Valles was the subject of a number of complaints by co-workers and subordinates who claimed she was creating a hostile work environment, bullying and participating in other unethical activities on the job, including using her position to further her political career.  Employees say she was unprofessional, falsified time sheets, and refused to properly train subordinates even when they asked for help. Several claims against the agency and lawsuits have been filed.

Valles began her career with VVWRA in 2005 as the Director of Finance.  She worked her way up the ladder to become the Director of Administrator where she supervised or was responsible for overseeing a large staff, including human resources duties.  She has now been demoted to her original position as Director of Finance and supervises far fewer subordinates.

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6 thoughts on “Valles back to work at VVWRA

  1. It’s always nice to see Mr. Hanky out-and-about outside of the Christmas Season.

  2. Lovingood has never been on the VVWRA board. The First District supervisor usually is on the VVWRA board, but Lovingood never took the seat. James Ramos is the county’s rep. Rigney is the county’s designate, but Rigney doesn’t report to Ramos or Lovingood or even the Board of Supervisors. Rigney reports to Devereaux. Anyway, no single member of the VVWRA board could do anything to Valles, so the whole conspiracy thing is moot. Time for a reality check: Look back on how Valles conducted herself as a councilwoman. Now, do the accusations against her at VVWRA seem all that out of character? Of course not. The only question is, how did she keep any job at VVWRA.

    • I don’t think anyone has ever said that Lovingood ever took his seat. That is part of the problem. He is the First District Supervisor, not James Ramos, and he should be sitting on that board but he can’t due to a conflict of interest. I changed the wording slightly, but I am sure not to your satisfaction.

      Although you can claim that the supervisors have no control over department heads, anyone with half a brain knows that is not true. Yes, Devereaux is trying to take complete control of the county and, yes, the department heads answer to Devereaux. But Devereaux is supposed to answer to the BOS. If BOS members want someone fired, they will be fired.

      It is very naive to suggest that a department head is not affected by the politics of the BOS. I worked for the county for 33 years. One of management’s favorite threats against employees when dealing with difficult clients was “well you know if they go to the board of supervisors.”

      And you seem to forget I worked up there. I saw it with my own two eyes. And when I worked for Mikels while he was chairman, I was asked to make phone calls. I know what goes on.

      Department heads fear the BOS, always have and always will. So, when one is sitting on a board in place of a BOS member, you bet your bootie he/she cares what the supervisor thinks. There is no way in Hades that Jeff does not think twice when voting when it comes to anything that involves Lovingood or Ramos.

    • In terms of Angela, I had lunch with her several years ago after she had been on the Victorville City Council for a year or so. I honestly felt sorry for her. I know the politics of that city only too well. It’s been crooked for a long time but in a professional, white collar sort of way, not like Adelanto, for example, but more like the County of San Bernardino. I think many of her actions were justified.

      That being said, would I ever want to work for Angela? Not in a million years. She reminds me a lot of a smarter, much-more-educated Maria Alonzo, who I did work for for several years. The guys (Hispanics) used to call her “the MAP.” You figure it out. I see the same tendencies in Angela.

      I don’t think for a moment that the employee complaints against Angela were far from the truth. I am sure she was very difficult to work with, condescending and demeaning. I also think she should have been terminated.

      Unfortunately, the high desert is full of inexperienced, or just self-absorbed, politicians who simply do not know when to keep their mouths shut. The investigation was hampered by those who are too egotistical for their own good. The end result is they gave her grounds for a lawsuit and made meting out deserved punishment impossible. She won, not because she is not guilty, but because some people don’t know when to shut the hell up.

  3. So the trouble Angela is having at VVWRA is indeed of her own doing rather than something trumped up by Jeff Rigney at the behest of Lovingood. Thank you for clarifying that. That makes a lot more sense than Angela’s wild political conspiracy theory.

  4. If Angela was demoted, which is a lower position, why is she still getting the same pay? “Because she will have added financial responsibilities associated with the construction of the facilities” So she’s getting paid more to do the job she’s getting paid to do? Was the former Director of Finance going to get a raise for this construction also? Was the network supervisors position really eliminated to reduce expenses or to make sure Angela’s salary stayed the same? Is Angela’s conflict with Supervisor Lovingood valid? Or because he won the district position against her husband?

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