Kudos to Supervisor Gonzales

Andrew Lamberto

Josie, this is what we have been wanting to hear for two weeks!  Now, let’s see some real action like, for example, taking away the “Chief Executive Officer” title and repealing the non-interference ordinance.  Put the power back where it belongs!!

I guess I should be glad that I am referred to as “an outside entity” rather than the usual “bitch with a blog.”

12 thoughts on “Kudos to Supervisor Gonzales

  1. You go Girl! I say that with respect and admiration for both Sharon, for opening the floodgates, and Josie for getting on board. I’d like to know who on the board voted to keep that ferret CEO. We can pretty much say Rutherford was one but who was the other? With this screwed up CEO contract it takes 4 of 5 to vote the ferret out so who voted to keep him? I hope they’re looking for a job after election day!

  2. That was a nice video indeed.

    However in the immediate future she will be eating those words about honesty and transparency. Most of us know exactly what that is. There will be no escaping those facts. Yes you can take that to the bank.

    The biggest of those scandals the Supervisor mentions has yet to be exposed. Sounds to me this scandal among many others has possibly reached a boiling point.

    Better build that defensive wall quickly Supervisor Gonzales time is not on your side.

    I am sure many of the unknowing will compare this video to the Gettysburg address.

    Cherish it while you can.

  3. I have no love for the CEO or Lamberto.

    I do love this video because I believe it can be used against Supervisor Gonzales in more ways than she knows. The hypocrisy is a killer.

    Since Lamberto is NOW on admin leave despite being disciplined already, it AGAIN shows the County will VIOLATE their own rules once the poop hits the fan. Just like they did with the Grays in the POST scandal.

    As stated by Supervisor Gonzales she admits NO policy was violated by the CEO, mere common sense and professionalism should have come into play. OK! Remember you said that Supervisor.

    What the CEO did by not informing the Board WILL BE pale in comparison to what Supervisor Gonzales did during her testimony before the Grand Jury.

    So if I was the CEO I’d be taking exception to ANYONE on the Board who violated criminal law and allowed a false prosecution to take place against FELLOW Board members and employees of fellow Board members.

    That’s a real gift for the CEO if the Board gets to stupid if push comes to shove. I don’t know of anyone who appreciates a person with lots of their own luggage calling out someone with much less if that’s the case. Like a drunk calling another an alcoholic.

    Might have been better if Supervisor Hagman did the video. He is the new guy, he still has plausible deniability at this time on many issues.

    Off topic, I see Joe Nelson tweeted the 4th District Court has DENIED the DA’s request for a reconsideration of the dismissal of conspiracy charges.

    Yes the DA can NOW file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Yippee for some if that happens. Malice is still alive if he does.

    I hear crickets on the Colonies hearing from today. In chambers discussion?

    Former Assistant DA Hackleman excused as a witness?

    Hmmm? Maybe Mr. Cope produced another spreadsheet with smoking guns?

  4. Joe should have a story out tonight. What I’ve heard thru the grapevine is that next court date is 12/18/2015. There are more delays and court trial postponed until late next year. We shall see if that fits with Joe’s story. From what I gather mist of today was in camera, thus the lack of information.

  5. NOPE no lack of information or FACT this case just blew WIDE OPEN.

    Judge Smith ruled against DA Investigator Bud Randles search warrant effectively making him a BRADY COP for recklessly leaving OUT material facts about Adam Alemans criminal charges pending. That search warrant is HISTORY.

    Second Judge Smith made Deputy Attorney General Mellisa Mandel ADMIT on the record that SHE KNEW about the Civil proceeding and the County’s position BEFORE the start of the Grand Jury proceedings.

    Yeah Joe Nelson better report the facts of that and the facts contained within a 16 page motion he has and other papers, along with the other smoking guns.

    More DELAYS because the DA’s office just got BUSTED. The DA has been ordered to turn over MORE information they have been withholding for years.

    Your source sucks!

  6. Joe always has interpreted it his way. What’s new?

    Would you like to tell us Joe is fair and balanced?

    If you think this is a comprehensive article you may. Not even close.

    Nelson left a bunch of stuff out of the story as usual. He has a 16 page motion he was given that has some pretty UGLY smoking gun facts in it. So do the other news papers.

    The delays are because the DA FAILED to turn over additional evidence.

    Remember that BOX that Larson brought into Court last Friday?

    That box was from County Council’s office.

    That 16 page motion is based on what was in that box.

    My opinion County Council covered their fanny and threw the DA’s office UNDER the bus.

    Mandel recently represented to the Court that the defense could NEVER prove the DAs office was communicating with County Council on the civil aspect.

    So convinced was the DA’s office that former Assistant DA Hackleman wrote a SWORN declaration to that effect. I believe Joe Nelson has a copy of the motion to quash subpoenas.

    It’s just a BITCH to write a sworn declaration saying one thing, then out POPS an email BY YOU saying something different and making you a LIAR!

    Even Joe Nelson should be able to add two and two!

    NEWS flash, the defense just proved Mandel wrong in a very bad way. It’s in that motion!

    Now see if Uncle Joe will slide you that 16 page motion and read for yourself. There is a COUPLE emails in that motion that are a killer for the DA!

    Bud Randles is a Brady Cop that simple. Joe Nelson sugar coated that crap!

    That motion was one of only several yet to come.

    I think XMAS has come early for some.

  7. I stand corrected on the Search warrant. SCOTUS has ruled even if cops lie in bank record warrants, the warrant will stand.

    However, the lying is a Brady issiue that will also stand and Randles faces a up hill battle from that moment forward.

    So if I recall correctly there are THREE DA investigators that have Brady issues attached to the Colonies case. NOT good.

      • Edited: You know the rules Kenny!

        Three DA investigators. Adam Aleman convicted liar.

        Now two Senior prosecuting attorneys under fire and it’s not an opinion, they flat AZZ lied.

        I see at least 5 others facing similar issues.

        Supervisor Josie Gonzales has serious issues coming forth since she was FULLY aware of the Civil litigation and maintained a separate narrative that was not consistent with the truth.

        Yeah it’s going to be interesting.

        But hey, someone from the County Council got smart and decided NOT to go down that road.

  8. A politician who throws around the word “transparency” is anything but transparent.

  9. Holtz,

    Not that you know a thing of how our criminal justice system works along with you’re never being right about one of your predictions, in the interest of revealing just how much a lop cop you were, explain your:

    “So if I was the CEO I’d be taking exception to ANYONE on the Board who violated criminal law and allowed a false prosecution to take place against FELLOW Board members and employees of fellow Board members.”

    Explain to us how anyone but a prosecutor can prosecute anyone? Are you conveying the thought that the Honorable Gonzales has prosecutorial power? What criminal law did the Honorable Gonzales violate? Answer these questions as cogently as your mind permits. Do not digress. Stay on topic. Answer these questions.

    Holtz, you should have gone with anger management and psychiatric treatment to include antipsychotic medication. You’re darn lucky that you pointed a rifle at kids in county area. Had you had done it in the City of San Bernardino, you’ve of been assigned a booking number.

    BTW, not that you have ever had ability to resolve your calls, hence your earning the title of lop cop: who do you think I am? How many people do you know who live in Phoenix? From what I’ve read here and on other posts, you have a lot of nightmares haunting you. Were those kids on dirt bikes nightmares haunting you? Is that why you pointed a rifle at them? Did they scare you like the kid you killed who was on a Royce Union? Holtz, you need psychotropics meds ASAP.

    Holtz, Gerry Spence couldn’t have saved your job. When you were fired, the sheriff merely corrected the mistake of hiring you.

    Holtz, I’d take Vegas odds that you’ll either be arrested or taken 5150. We know that you’re a dirt bag, which is why deputies called you a rat. Pointing a rifle at kids is criminal, and it revealed you as a danger to others. You should have your guns confiscated before you go High Desert postal. Just the threats alone that you’ve made to posters indicate that you should not possess firearms.

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