WOW! Lovingood is talking about arming county employees

Supervisor Bob

Here is the link to the Daily Press story.

About 12 of my 30+ years with the county was spent with co-workers who had guns.  Of course, they had uniforms too mostly.  It made me feel safer some of the time and some of the time it did not.

One of the things with cops is that many have military experience, and among those, some of them have combat experience.  Let me tell you there is nothing scarier than a crazy ass cop with PTSD.  I worked with about three of them.  My point being is that they do slip through the cracks.

As pro-gun as I am, I would not want to sit in a county office with gun-toting civilians.  There are way too many bat-ass crazy county employees out there.  Anyone who thinks I’m kidding just needs to go sit and observe in a TAD office for a while.

I don’t like this idea at all.  The county just flat-out sucks at background checks and having anyone who is good at reading people.  I realize they would have SBSD conduct checks, but we all know how it works when HR or a county supervisor or department head wants something.  It will get done.

I was mentioning in the post below about stories I’m sitting on.  Well there are a couple about deputies who flat-out failed background checks, including polygraphs, and were hired anyway.  If they will do that with sheriff’s deputies, can you imagine what it would be like for civilians?

This is a desperate Lovingood pandering to the voters hoping to get a few extra votes.  It is nothing more than that other than a bad idea

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