Sheriff’s union releases survey results, first district candidates react

SEBA Graphic
On Friday the San Bernardino County Safety Employees’ Benefit Association (SEBA), the union representing sheriff’s deputies and other sworn personnel working for the county of San Bernardino, released the results of a community survey.  The survey was completed to gauge residents’ attitudes towards county law enforcement.
Of those participating in the survey, 88 percent say they support and appreciate the work of deputies; 78 percent say they support raises for the deputies while 56 percent did not realize the deputies declined a raise during the recession.   Only 12 percent oppose such a raise.
When the county claimed it was having financial hardships, sheriff’s deputies were among the county employees who agreed to forgo raises.  Now that the county has recovered, under the leadership of County Executive Officer Greg Devereaux, Chairman of the Board James Ramos, and Vice Chairman Robert Lovingood, the county is playing hardball with the unions yet they recently voted to give raises to their personal staffs who are among the highest paid employees in the county.
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