Oh poor, poor Supervisor Bob

Supervisor Bob

There is a poll on the Daily Press website asking who readers will vote for in the First District Supervisors race.  Supervisor Bob, try as hard as his supporters might, can stay in first place.  So one of his campaign staff sent out an email asking for supporters to vote for him.  Here is the email:

From: Beverly Williams
Date: February 23, 2016 at 8:17:47 AM PST

Subject: Daily Press Poll…

Good Morning,

We all know that Robert Lovingood is in the County Supervisor position for all of the right reasons and has done many great things for our County and our Communities.

We would greatly appreciate showing your support for Robert by taking the online Daily Press poll for First District Supervisor candidates at: www.vvdailypress.com  Scroll down and the poll is on the right-hand side of the pageone quick click!

Thank you for your time and appreciate your support!

Beverly L. Williams

Re-Elect Robert Lovingood for

Board of Supervisors – 2016

Thank you again for your support and should you have any questions, please feel free to email us or visit his website at: www.lovingood4supervisor.com

I’m being super nice here and Supervisor Bob should thank me for that. You see when Ms. Williams sent out the email, she placed all of his supporters’ email addresses in the “To” field. Gosh, now we all have the email addresses of all of his supporters.  And from the looks of the email trail, I’d say “we all” includes all of the other declared and not-yet-declared candidates.

The funniest part of this who thing is what they went through for a poll that is not the least bit scientific.  It will be down in another week long before absentee ballots come out.  No one is going to remember the poll results come election time.

One thought on “Oh poor, poor Supervisor Bob

  1. Robert Lovingood is worthless. He doesn’t support any of the people in his district that he is supposed to represent. He is one of the most incompetent people that I have ever seen If the people in his district had any sense, they should vote for anyone other than Robert Lovingood. He only cares about himself and that big fat salary he gets for doing nothing at all.

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