Of Lovingood and opponents

Supervisor Bob

I figure I might just as well say this upfront before the filing period even begins.  It is my intent to endorse no one for First District during the primary.  On June 8, I will endorse the challenger who makes it into the top two and will do everything I can do to help that person.  Of course my secret wish is that Lovingood comes in third place, which would complicate things a bit, and it is unrealistic to believe that could happen.

As it stands now, there are at least four challengers, maybe five if both Rick and Angela decide to run.  Any one of the five would make a better supervisor than Supervisor Bob.

It is my plan to write positive stories on the challengers based mostly on press releases they send or events I happen to attend.  I will not write a story where one is bashing the other.  Getting rid of Lovingood is too important.  The only negative I would consider is if one were to go off the deep end like Phil Libertore did with his stolen valor crap and all the lies and Paul Schrader did by enlisting crazies to run his campaign and all his lies.  Otherwise, the stories will be positive only.  I will leave it up to the campaigns to send me press releases or other information.  I’m not sure if I will seek out interviews or not.  We shall see how it goes.

This is the first district we are talking about, so it is entirely possible a crazy or two or three will also enter the race, but unless they do something egregious, I will write positive stories about them also as long as they provide me with press releases.

And no, I do not feel this is wrong.  Lovingood has the Daily Press to publish all of his campaign pieces for him so it is only fair his opponents have an outlet as well.  For me, mostly they will be Examiner stories but there may be a blurb here and there on iePolitics.

So ladies and gentlemen, all of you have my cell phone number.  Call any time if you want a story.  Just remember, the story has to be about you and your plans and accomplishments.  I will not write a story bashing your fellow challengers.

Also, for anyone running who is doing so on the cheap, if you want help with grammar or proofreading, I’m happy to help.  Just give me a couple of days to get it done.  I think everyone knows my pet peeve about illiterate-sounding campaign mail, signs, and ballot statements.

As a footnote, I’m probably guilty of a few typos and grammatical errors tonight as well.  Today was so darn beautiful outside I could not stop going for walks.  I walked for 2.5 hours.  I am in major pain tonight so I really don’t care about typos.  And the Aguire story is waiting until tomorrow.  Be sure to look for it.  I would say what is happening is appalling, but nothing from the fifth floor appalls any more.  It is just more business as usual but disgusting nonetheless.

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  1. This guy really got elected? I mean, he looks and acts like a slime ball! And now this? We fight to get a more than 1% salary increase and he wants to do this? What the heck were people thinking to elect him? What the heck did he run on? I don’t remember.

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