Lovingood’s vote contributed to yet another rave-related death

Supervisor Bob

One of San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s first actions as an elected official was to vote in favor of electronic dance shows, more commonly known as raves.   On Jan.  29, 2013, Lovingood went against the position held by Republican board members of the past and sided with the board’s two Democratic members, Supervisors Josie Gonzales and James Ramos, to allow raves on county property at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore.

So far Lovingood’s vote has resulted in three deaths.  Two rave attendees died from drug overdoses during previous concerts.  Now during the last rave on Mar. 19, 2016, an innocent bystander, Jimmy Fraley, 21, who was riding his bicycle in the area during the rave, was killed when hit by a vehicle.

Three Devore residents appeared before the Board of Supervisors today during the public comment section.  The residents placed the blame for Fraley’s death on the lack of adequate traffic controls during the drug-themed events.  They say the security that was promised was not in place.

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2 thoughts on “Lovingood’s vote contributed to yet another rave-related death

  1. This seems like a creative method of blaming one person for the actions of several.

    It seems to me that the headline could have also said “Former San Manual Tribal Chairman James Ramos contributed to three deaths by voting to hold drug themed events at the San Manual Amphitheater.”

  2. You are right from the standpoint that Ramos’ vote contributed to the deaths as well as Gonzales’. Here is the difference. The Republicans on the BOS had a long-standing practice of not allowing raves going back to when Postmus was first elected. Many deaths in the first district at raves is what triggered the change and it was one of the hot-button issues Postmus ran on to defeat Kathy Davis. More recently, Neil Derry introduced an anti-rave ordinance that I believe was passed. Lovingood comes along and goes against the Republicans and votes with the Democrats because making money is always more important than human life. Supposedly safeguards were put in so there would be adequate law enforcement, a county function. Instead, in the case of the bicyclist, they replaced the uniformed deputy and marked unit with a flashing sign. This particular rave had almost 250 arrests and 20 hospitalizations. How can our BOS on one hand preach an anti-drug message, deny cannabis patients a place to get their meds, and take the “high road” no pun intended, on drug abuse and then allow drug themed concerts on county property? It’s hypocrisy at its finest. Money over lives. But there is another issue, just like LACo. Is reconsidering allowing raves on its county-owned property, Gonzales has had seconds thoughts as well. That’s been covered in several papers recently. Rutherford has been against the raves since the beginning and has asked that the matter be brought back to the board for discussion. Our BOS, like the LACo. BOS realizes the threat to public safety these events cause. It is incumbent on them to protect the public. Not doing so could put taxpayers at risk. That is where we are today and it is because Lovingood jumped ship and voted against his fellow Republicans.

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