Lovingood’s new policy advisor is also a campaign donor

Supervisor Bob

Last month when San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood appointed former county supervisor Fred Aguiar as his senior policy advisor, it turned heads.  Aguiar resigned from the board in December 2003 to accept a position with then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and served in a variety of state-level positions in the years that followed.

Some raised questions as to why a politician who once served in the county’s top spot as chairman of the board would now want to work for a county supervisor.  No real answer has been provided but a review of campaign finance reports indicates that during this election cycle Aguiar, through his committee, Aguiar for Assessor 2022, made multiple campaign donations to Lovingood totaling $1,750.  The last contribution reported was $500 on June 5, 2015.

Aguiar’s new employment contract was approved by the Board of Supervisors on January 12, 2016.  Aguiar will receive $120,000 per year.  Under the terms of the contract, he cannot work more than 960 hours per fiscal year.  Full-time county employment is 2080 hours per fiscal year.

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3 thoughts on “Lovingood’s new policy advisor is also a campaign donor

  1. Agular Assessor 2022? My these guys plan ahead. Do you think that by 2022 people will have forgotten Postmus and not remember that the Assessors’s office is not an acceptable parking place for a carrer politician?

    • What it is is a parking place for all of his campaign money he had built up when he left the BOS so abruptly. He has history of setting up these accounts and then not running.

  2. Yes, but then it can be used to the limits of the law. If it is OK for Agular, why isn’t it OK for Postmus, Erwin, and Kirk?

    The obvious answer is quid pro quo. But if quid pro quo cannot be proven, then Erwin orchestrated nothing significantly diferent that what Aguilar is doing.

    Erwin saw the practice that runs up and won the state. Did he take in one more step into illegality, or did he simply do what every other politician is doing?

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