Lovingood votes for pay increases for his staff, highest paid county employees

Supervisor Bob

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood does not hide the fact that he believes county employees are lazy and overpaid.  He also does not hide the fact that he would rather see government agencies hire temporary employees who are not eligible for benefits from employment agencies such as the one he has owned for the past two decades.

In contrast, Lovingood recently cast a “yes” vote in favor of giving his own personal staff and that of other county supervisors raises as well as giving raises to what the county refers to as the “Exempt Group.”  The Exempt Group consists of the highest paid employees in San Bernardino County.

According to contracts provided in agenda items on the Board of Supervisor’s website, here is the salary information for a few of Lovingood’s staff members.

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6 thoughts on “Lovingood votes for pay increases for his staff, highest paid county employees

  1. Campaign hit piece masquerading as objective journalism. Very sleazy. Conveniently leaves out that all five supervisors voted for the increase, that it was the same thing granted to the largest county union, and that SEBA and SEIU have been offered the same thing but are holding out for more. Also, Lovingood has never referred to county employees as lazy or overpaid, and he has never advocated for replacing county employees with temps.

  2. Well that’s the pot calling the kettle “black” now isn’t it? Let’s see, first there is a fifth floor hack masquerading as a reader. Then there are all of the campaign pieces Holland gets the Daily Press to write disguised as news stories. Oh yeah, I forgot. Lovingood really does care about county employees and wants them armed for their own good — NOT! I can’t think of a bigger campaign ploy.

    You want to talk “sleazy.” Sleazy is using the deaths of 14 county employees to further ones political career. You argued with me over the Victorville vigil. Although you will argue on this one too, those who know Lovingood know he could not care less about the Second Amendment or arming employees. Anyone living in this district knows it is a pro-Second Amendment District with a ton of gun advocates who vote. That is what that proposal is about. No one in their right mind would think there should be guns in county offices but it plays well with his constituency.

    And while you are at it, you can bet there is another “sleazy” piece coming on his latest new hire. You gonna tell me taxpayers are being charged $120,000 for their own good for a consultant that doesn’t even live here and has never lived in the First District? You’ve got fair warning. You can have your comment ready for as soon as the article posts.

  3. Lovingood is not enamored of any group of county employees. He has even publicly questioned why some staff, required by state law, are even necessary. But then again, high desert sups have between notoriously anti-government unless it suits them. But you get what you ask for, and the high desert voters continually shoot themselves in the foot. Hopefully they will continue on with their one term trend and get new incompetent blood to take his place.

  4. I bet there were 14+ people in the IRC buildings that wished a normal citizen was armed. The politicians are quick to use a tragedy to call for gun restrictions, I see no problem using the same incident to show why the people need to be able to protect themselves.

  5. It is not a matter of whether it is a good proposal or not. It is a matter of using the deaths of 14 county employees for political gain. If Tim Donnelly, for example, or Mike Morrell, or even Curt Hagman, made the proposal, it would not be odd. All are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and have the history to prove it. Heck, Tim has been wanting to arm everyone for the past six years. If anyone of them made such a proposal, we might agree or disagree with the proposal but we would not be accusing them of doing it for politics.

    But Lovingood could not care less about the Second Amendment. He has no history of taking a stand on anything that doesn’t involve his clients at ICR. This is nothing but using a tragedy to further his political career.

  6. I don’t even know why the there is any BOS staff, much less high paid staff, when the BOS turned most, if not all, of their work and power over to the CEO/Devereaux; there is no reason any BOS support staff should be paid more than the highest paid member of the Admin Bargaining unit, period.

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