Lovingood threatens Apple Valley mayor, loses big at LAFCO

Supervisor Bob

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood’s threats against one high desert mayor resulted in losing eleven votes at yesterday’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) meeting and failing to get Victorville Mayor pro tem Jim Cox appointed to the commission.  Lovingood inserted himself into inter-municipality politics and the results were disastrous for both him and the city he was trying to help.

Leaders from the city of Victorville were hoping one of their own would be voted onto the commission in what is thought to be the council’s scheme to annex further land that it has so far been unable to annex.  No one knows for sure what the Victorville City Council is trying to pull this time around but according to various current and former elected officials interviewed yesterday for this story, they allege the city may be trying to annex parts of Oro Grande and even a sliver of southwest Apple Valley for a possible new Buck Johns or other pet project.

LAFCO is a commission created by the California State Legislature and serves several functions.  It is best known for its regulatory function that requires it to review and approve any proposal to add land to a city or special district, create a new city or special district, or remove land from a city or special district.

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2 thoughts on “Lovingood threatens Apple Valley mayor, loses big at LAFCO

  1. Lovingood has no idea how to get things done for the benefit of the residents. Making threats to pull funding for a project that will ease traffic for thousands of people working and living in the high desert! What a dishonest approach to serving the 1st District.

  2. Roelle you should never use the word dishonest in your comments.

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