It’s not the same Fred Aguiar, is it? (Updated)

Supervisor Bob

On Tuesday’s San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor’s agenda, First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood has an item where he is hiring a senior policy advisor to advise him on legislative issues and regional issues.  The pay is $120,000 a year plus a small amount of benefits.  The person being hired is Fred Aguiar.

It does not seem someone like the former Fourth District Supervisor would take a job playing second fiddle, unless like someone told me, it is a retirement issue.  Aguiar was known for being professional.  He will never fit in with Lovingood’s staff.

Heaven knows Lovingood could use some advice from someone of the caliber of THE Fred Aguiar, but I’m having a hard time believing it is him. He could start by giving Lovingood some lessons on how to dress like a county supervisor.

Anyone with the inside scoop?

Update:  One more person has confirmed it is one and the same.  I’m told he is also a lobbyist for Athens.  This should prove to be interesting.

2 thoughts on “It’s not the same Fred Aguiar, is it? (Updated)

  1. Lovingood is by far the most corrupt Supervisor the county has had. Nothing and I mean nothing this guy won’t do!

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