Is it a Picasso? A Matisse? No, it’s a Supervisor Bob

Route 66

What is that depicted in that photo?  That is Route 66.  The Mother Road.  The beloved Mother Road under the care of our very own Supervisor Bob.  Exactly.  No, Supervisor Bob can’t do much of anything right in the First District.  He’s more interested in helping the West End by sacraficing anything good we have in the First District.

Let’s see.  There was the Huck Finn Jubilee.  Then it was Mojave Narrows.  And, now of course, the world famous First District section of Route 66.  Miles and miles of Route 66 look like the photo above.

But remember.  He wants to be re-elected.  He just had his kickoff party.  Let’s say NO to Supervisor Bob next June.

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