Deep Creek developer made numerous contributions to Lovingood’s campaign

Supervisor Bob

When San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood voted in favor of a Lewis Operating Company project in the unincorporated Deep Creek area of Apple Valley on January 26, 2016, observers allege he did so with no concern for the existing lifestyle of residents in the area. The project required that zoning be changed from an agriculture designation to a residential designation. The Lewis project will divide the 249-acre parcel into 202 home sites, forever transforming the quiet farming and equestrian community.

Although community members appeared before the board of supervisors to express their concerns about adopting a General Plan Amendment that would rezone the property, those concerns fell on deaf ears, especially the ears of their elected representative, Supervisor “Bob Lovingood. Those in attendance claim he was arrogant towards residents and his mind was clearly made up before the hearing. Unlike Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales, who approached the concerned residents after the hearing to explain her vote, Lovingood high-tailed it out the back door to avoid his constituents.

A review of Lovingood’s Fair Political Practices Commission Form 460s since 2012 sheds light on one possible reason for his vote. The FPPC 460 is required to be filed to show all campaign contributions and expenses received and disbursed by a candidate running for office.

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