Commentary: Turning tragedy into politics

Supervisor Bob

When tragedy strikes anywhere in America, as a people we have come to expect our federal leaders and candidates for federal office to capitalize on the tragedy by using it to push whatever their agenda might be from gun control to immigration reform, or religious liberty, among many others.  We may be sickened by it but we also understand that these leaders are not part of the community in which the tragedy occurred.  The victims of a massacre, for example, are nothing more to them than statistics to use for political rhetoric.

But when the politician is one of us—someone who lives in our community, shops at the same stores we shop at, eats at the same restaurants we eat at, their children attend school with our children, and they worship in the same churches we worship at—we do not expect to have the person we voted into office to represent us use a tragedy to promote their political career.  We expect them to feel the same level of grief as the rest of the community.

It is the politicizing of our recent tragedy—the massacre at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and 22 injured—that makes what Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood is doing so disheartening and disgusting.  Once again, Lovingood is putting his own self-interest ahead of that of the residents he was elected to serve.

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10 thoughts on “Commentary: Turning tragedy into politics

  1. You have decided to target Lovingood, but I haven’t seen anything posted that would shock the average voters conscience on anything he has or hasn’t done in comparison to the other BOS members.

    We all watched on TV when the BOS stood before news cameras and gave the typical political speech covering a tradegy.

    I turned it off because I don’t like the pandering.

    Maybe the unknowing general public was moved by it but those who have been around know what that news conferance was all about.

    There is no pattern of these clowns giving a diddly shit about employees. PLEASE!

    Comments on this very blog suggested County operations stayed open despite lock downs every where else. Someone mentioned the great Bob Dutton being HUA! Priceless!

    The small army of unarmed security people protecting the masses is hilarious.

    Those other QUALIFIED candidates running for 1st District you mention, don’t put any serious money down on them either.

    They have a fan base like anyone else. I would stay out of this brewing storm.

    Two former SBSD employees and one of their wives?

    Oh God!

  2. So far, Sharon, you have been the only one to use this tragedy to promote a personal political agenda. Shame on you, Sharon, for not only falsely accusing others of doing something you’ve been doing, but for claiming to be a champion for county employees while playing on our grief to advance your personal agenda that strangely finds fault with only with the same two supervisors.

    • Well, you are in good company because so far three people have taken me to task over this story: Ken Holtz, Steve Rogers, and Nick Benson. All three are people that others really look up to. Of course, I’ve received 10 “thank yous” for every criticism because county employees are tired of being pawns in these political games.

      I might add, turnout was dismal at the vigil so I’d say even private citizens saw it for what it was–a campaign stop. I’m ashamed it was held at my church, or any church, to be honest.

      Tell me, how many other county supervisors sponsored vigils in their districts, especially when none of the deceased were from their district? And how many of the vigils that took place in the San Bernardino area did Lovingood and Rutherford attend?

      No, it was all show and totally political. Lovingood is the worst county supervisor in my 41 years in the high desert and I remember them all. I would go so far to say he is even worse than Bob Older, who was recalled.

      I have avoided addressing one thing with you in the past, but I am not about to let it go this time. Do NOT try to claim you are a “county employee.” Yes, you get your paycheck from the county. But hiding behind bullet-proof glass, with armed security guards, and a sophisticated security system, with a private elevator on the Fifth Floor does NOT make you a county employee. You cannot begin to relate what employees in places such as TAD must endure on a daily basis.

      Second, the reason I find fault with the same two supervisors is that these same two supervisors have done everything in their power to hurt county employees. They, along with Devereaux, are the most anti-county employee electeds in my memory. Lovingood is known for his comments out in the public against government employees (and Devereaux I might add), and they don’t get more arrogant and uncaring that Janice Rutherford. These two need to go and be replaced with supervisors who care about the employees that make them look good day in and day out.

      So, is Obama coming to SB on Friday not political either? Of course it is.

      • So a couple of Supervisors decide to hold a vigil and they are AWESOME?

        You still haven’t put out anything that proves Lovingood is a evil doer.

        He’s a chit talker like the rest so he’s on even keel with his peers!

        SEBA just went to impasse is that Lovingoods fault or Devereaux?

        Told you it would cost them for talking trash.

        • Who held a vigil other than Lovingood? When it comes down to it, I don’t care what you think. Lovingood is gonna lose.

          As to the impasse, what you see as Lairin’s failure I see as part of a plan. Just like that of the Teamster’s. What made SEBA and SBPEA so ineffectual was their willingness to sit back and say nothing. Things are changing. But first Lovingood has to go.

          • Although I have a pretty good idea who the next county supervisor will be, I’m not going to answer that. Until the filing period is over, we don’t know if there will be any extra well funded surprise candidates. At this point I’m expecting four challengers for sure, but there easily could be more. Lovingood has pissed off just about every developer and businessman in his district (except for mine owners) so I can’t discount the possibility of a surprise candidate with plenty of backing.

  3. So this wonder candidate who has lots of backing is going to be a Ted Cruz type of anti status quo politics?

    Or a strong line of BS like Lovingood was, then once in office it’s crickets?

    What am I missing in assuming it won’t be lockstep politics?

    I know your not foolish enough to try and sell any of those currently running for office as a fresh face.

  4. Of course not. I expect all legitimate contenders to be current or former city council persons. There is one other factor I did not mention and that is labor. This will be the first Sup election with the Teamsters and SEIU Local 721 on board. Will they be the political powerhouses they promised? I’m not holding my breath but I do see a few promising things behind the scenes. They want Lovingood gone as much as the rest of us. Remember, SEIU (believe it was a different local) put $1 million into the Gloria Negrete McLeod campaign. Their consultants totally ripped them off with a terribly run campaign (I’m talking about the IE, not her personal consultant who tried hard). With good political advice they could own the First District with a $1 million campaign. They just have to understand they have to run a moderate conservative, not a Dem if they want a successful outcome. First District is still too redneck for the kind of candidate they would prefer. Local 721 seems a bit more in tune with our county than those who ran the Negrete campaign.

    • Oh I can’t wait for the circus to start.

      I am getting a extra bucket to put under the computer screen to catch the manure from all these veteran politicians who will run for office.

      Looking forward to seeing who the unions support. That will be a dead give away for more of the same.

      Let the wining and dining start!

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