Commentary: Significance of Lovingood complaint lost on many

Supervisor Bob

When First District candidate Angela Valles filed her second complaint against Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood with the Fair Political Practices Commission and San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Division, “politics as usual” could be heard echoing throughout the high desert.  The significance and meat of the complaint was clearly lost on most casual observers and even long-time politicos.

Since the beginning of Lovingood’s tenure as county supervisor in Dec. 2012, rumors have been surfacing about him using his office to financially benefit his personal business and aid his clients, not his constituents.  The rumors were only bolstered when he hired a staff completely void of anyone who understood or was capable of dealing with the complex issues high desert residents face.

Instead, Lovingood hired “feel good” staff to attend community events, shake hands, kiss babies, and hand out certificates. Many, if not all, of those staff members had connections to his business, ICR Staffing, or its clients.

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