Commentary: Lovingood listens . . . well maybe not quite

Supervisor Bob

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood had been on a whirlwind tour of the high desert in the past nine weeks.  He is calling this series of events “Lovingood Listens.”

Lovingood claims these events are a continuation of what he has been doing since taking office in December 2012.  The problem is most of us cannot remember such events taking place before he filed for re-election in March of this year.  As a matter of fact, Lovingood has been the most invisible supervisor in the 42 years this reporter has been watching the antics of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

It would seem, instead, Lovingood tries to distance himself from constituents.  In May 2014, he spent $166,356 of taxpayer money to move from his free office at the High Desert Government Center in Hesperia to an obscure office where he and his staff could hide from constituents and be subjected less to public scrutiny.

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